ASCA International Workshop 2010 (Articulations)

22Mar2010 24Mar2010


The Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis held an international workshop titled ‘Articulations’ between 22 and 24 March 2010.


The workshop, which took place at the University of Amsterdam, offered participants the opportunity to reflect on various questions relating to the generative concept of ‘articulation’ and the prominent way in which it has shaped theory for decades. Articulation, as a concept, refers to the engagement of objects, concepts, theories and (im)possibilities of interrogation. Some of the issues examined during the workshop included the many ways in which people analyse, understand and participate in the world around them, as well as the manner in which concepts such aesthetics, identity and politics are examined and understood. The workshop was also aimed at providing a theoretical framework for assessing the methodological nuances, theoretical consequences and political implications that arise when transnational theories, disciplines and contested objects are ‘interrogated’. Key issues discussed by the four participating panels were ‘national identity’, ‘migratory aesthetics’, ‘space’ and the ‘politics of mourning’.


During the Articulations Workshop, keynote addresses were given by several internationally respected scholars. These included:

  • Mieke Bal, professor of Theory of Literature at the University of Amsterdam;
  • Frederik Tygstrup, associate professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Copenhagen;
  • Sara Cohen, professor in the School of Music and director of the Institute of Popular Music at the University of Liverpool;
  • Brett Lashua, BE Sport, Leisure and Culture at the University of Leeds;
  • Costas Douzinas, professor of Law at the University of London;
  • Sarah Chinn, associate professor in English at Hunter College (CUNY).


Each of the four panels compiled a reader for the workshop. These can be downloaded via the links given below.

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