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Results: 1 - 20 of 825
  • 15 Feb 2019
    Love With(out) Optimism

    15:00 - 17:00 | Event

    Women in Theory – ASCA Reading Group: Love With(out) Optimism with Tashina Blom A post-Valentine’s intervention, the February session of Women in Theory will focus on theories on love and its more/less desirable ...

  • 13 Feb 2019
    Explanation and Agency: Exploring the normative landscape of the “Right to Explanation”

    16:00 - 18:00 | Event

    During the next session of the UvA Philosophy and Public Affairs colloquium Fleur Jongepier (RU) will present a paper entitled Explanation and Agency: Exploring the normative landscape of the “Right to Explanation”

  • 8 Feb 2019
    Chinatown Invisible: Hybrid-Mapping and Making-Do

    15:00 - 17:00 | Event

    Lecture by Liska Chan (University of Oregon) in ASCA Cities Seminar on Repairing Infrastructures

  • 8 Feb 2019
    Screens and Screams, The Wild and the Weird

    15:00 - 18:00 | Event

    Special ‘hors serie’ Seminar of the Film-Philosophy and Cross-Media Seminar on Media Ecologies, Ethics and Affect. Organized in collaboration with MIT, convened by Eugenie Brinkema. With Nadine Boljkovac and Julius ...

  • 8 Feb 2019
    Comedy, Humourlessness and the Gimmick

    10:00 - 13:00 | Event

    Reading Session Berlant & Ngai on Comedy, Humourlessness and the Gimmick. Organized by Eva Sancho Rodriguez and Esther Peeren.

  • 7 Feb 2019
    The Challenging of National Images by Contemporary Artists in Turkey

    17:30 - 19:15 | Event

    Lecture by Erdem Colak, followed by a discussion with Lora Sariaslan in the Academische Club

  • 6 Feb 2019
    Dissertation Defense Uzma Ansari

    12:00 | Event

    Orhan Pamuk's City and the Turkish Republic: An Engagement with the Modern Nation State. Supervisors: Carrol Clarksonand Rudolph Glitz

  • 5 Feb 2019
    Artistic Research Research Group
    Artistic Research: Sharing Methods and Practices with Rosanne Jonkhout and Clare Butcher 

    15:00 - 17:30 | Event

    The third meeting of the Artistic Research Research Group will take place February 5th from 15:00-17:30 at Vox-Pop Creative Space for the Humanities (Binnengasthuisstraat 9). During this meeting, Rosanne ...

  • 1 Feb 2019
    Karen van Dijck
    Migration, Translingualism, Translation

    15:30 | Event

    Lecture by Professor Karen Van Dyck, Columbia University. Respondent: Kate Briggs, writer and translator, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam. Organized by Maria Boletsi.

  • 25 Jan 2019
    Publishing and Studying Foucault: The State of the Art

    13:30 | Event

    A constitutive assembly of the Foucault Circle NL/BE will be held at the University Theatre - Nieuwe Doelenstraat 16 - of the University of Amsterdam on Friday 25 January from 13.30 -17.00.

  • 24 Jan 2019
    Spui in Amsterdam
    Urban Studies Network Day

    12:30 - 19:30 | Event

    We are pleased to announce the Third Centre for Urban Studies Network Day, as well as special round of Seed Grants. The network day is co-hosted this year with the Amsterdam Centre for Cultural Heritage and Identity ...

  • 23 Jan 2019
    Dissertation Defense: Mimi Mitchell

    10:00 | Event

    The Revival of the Baroque Violin Supervisors: Julia Kursell, Barbara Titus and Peter Holman.

  • 23 Jan 2019
    Launch Event of Sound in Action

    00:00 | Event

    Sound In Action is a student initiative organising interdisciplinary discussion and performance events in Amsterdam on the intersection of music and the everyday. It is supported by ASCA, the Musicology department of ...

  • 18 Jan 2019
    Web Archives and the Ephemerality of Digital Media

    14:30 - 17:00 | Event

    Presentation by Anne Helmond in the ASCA seminar and research group Moving Images: Preservation, Curation, Exhibition.

  • 17 Jan 2019
    Spelling Lessons: Writing and Speech in African Magical Realism

    17:00 | Event

    English Department Lecture by Dr Graham Riach, University of Amsterdam/University of Oxford.

  • 17 Jan 2019
    Creativity & Innovation: North Bali’s Signature

    15:30 | Event

    Colloquium Musicologicum with Henrice Vonck

  • 16 Jan 2019
    Dissertation Defense Anouk Zuurmond

    11:00 | Event

    Shared Stories and Creative Dissonances. Transnational Literary Projects and European Identity. Supervisors: Thomas Vaessens, Michael Wintle

  • 20 Dec 2018
    Dissertation Defense: Emanuel Seitz

    14:00 | Event

    Rat und Form. Über Klugheit (Form and Advice. About Prudence). Supervisor: Josef Fruchtl

  • 18 Dec 2018
    Dissertation Defense: Evrim Emir

    16:00 | Event

    “Lifting the Veil from the Face of Depiction”: Middle Eastern Miniature Painting in light of Sufism and Phenomenology.Supervisor: Josef Früchtl

  • 17 Dec 2018
    Vinzavod (contemporary art center in Moscow)
    Turning the Pushkin Museum into a ‘Russian Tate Modern’: Informal Creative Labour in a Hybrid Cultural Economy (The Case of Privately Funded Moscow Art Centres)

    16:00 | Event

    Lecture by Margarita Kuleva, hosted by the Department of Slavic & Russian Studies in cooperation with the Dutch consulate