Caribbean Studies Seminar: Relinked, Relayed, Related



Call for Contributions. Seminar organized by Emma van Meyeren and Inez van der Scheer (RMA Literary Studies UvA)

The seminar seeks to offer a space for Caribbean thought that traditionally occupies the margins of Dutch academia. This space - created, appropriated, or decolonized - exists with the principle of plurality: the Caribbean as a site of multidisciplinary research. This one-day seminar will offer a meeting place and discussion forum for researchers in the field of Caribbean Studies working in the Netherlands, from Master’s and PhD students to postdocs and senior researchers. This seminar aims to bring these researchers together with the objectives to get to know each other (better), sharing knowledge on our common area of interest and shaping future research directions.

Proposals from Caribbean Studies researchers based in the Netherlands from all disciplines and subject areas are welcome. Considering their limited visibility in both Caribbean Studies and Dutch academia, we particularly encourage proposals that focus on (the study of) of the islands that have in common their history of Dutch colonialism: Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, Statia, and St Maarten.

Possible topics include (but are not limited to):  

  • Past, Present and Future practices of Caribbean Studies in Dutch Academia
  • Processes of Autonomy, Decolonization and their relation to “Postcolonial” studies
  • Contextualizing the formerly Netherlands Antilles in the Caribbean, i.e. in relation to the West Indies or Latinidad
  • Contextualizing the Antilles in Academia, i.e. in relation to institutions, knowledge practices and resources

You can sign up via the website before 10 April 2017.

Published by  ASCA