Artistic Research: Spectrology and Hauntology

This academic year the ASCA Research Group on Artistic Research, coordinated by Paula Albuquerque, is organizing a series of five seminars. 31 October, 19 December, 20 February, 23 April, 25 June, from 15:00-17:30.

This group focuses on Artistic Research as a new approach to tackling research questions and it aims at promoting the exchange of ideas between artists and scholars from a wide range of fields and disciplines. As a discipline itself, Artistic Research develops a discursive form of communicating research results in parallel with a non-discursive, artistic practice. This enables researchers/makers coming from fine arts, design, dance, film, performance art, theatre and music to share and compare processes of production, methodologies and results with the scientific community, while working as practicing autonomous artists. It allows autonomous artists to delve deeper into scientific disciplines their work is already concerned with. Furthermore, Artistic Research contributes to existing scientific disciplines by its double character of discursive/non-discursive processes and outputs, while at the same time presenting work within the context of existing art institutions. The outcomes of artistic research actively contribute to bridging the gap between science and art, and strive to make its body of knowledge visible in a societal context. By bringing academia and the art world together, artistic forms of research change the social status of both and introduce a potential array of practice-oriented methodologies that challenge institutionalized forms of knowledge production.

We will be organizing a series of five seminars between October 2017 and June 2018 to promote the exchange of ideas and experiences among artistic researchers and others interested in the field, and during which members of the group will present their research and receive feedback from their peers. One or two artistic researchers who have recently completed their PhD's will be invited to share their process with the participants of the seminars. The participants include PhD Candidates but also those who have already completed their PhD's but would like to keep discussing their artistic research within a community of like-minded artists/scholars. Those interested in maybe pursuing such an academic study are also welcome to join as well as Research Master students who wish to attain first-hand knowledge about the discipline.

The first guiding theme is "Spectrology and Hauntology" as the field of Artistic Research is constantly focusing on the complex relation between theory and practice and also engaged in discussions about the interdependence between form and content: dualities at the centre of most debates surrounding this emerging discipline. However, the theme is not prescriptive and the presentations are not required to have a direct connection to it.

The presentations can take the form the presenters find most suitable and productive: a film screening, a performance or a standard keynote or any other.

The meetings will place on Tuesday afternoons from 15:00 to 17:30 at the University of Amsterdam in the city centre (room to be announced) and end with a drink at Café De Jaren for those interested, so that participants get a chance to meet and engage in 101 discussions. As another possibility for an "after-Research Group" activity: Café Chercher takes place in some of these evenings and you could also go and take a look at short presentations of work-in-progress by artistic researchers at the Vox Pop. There is free soup and you can also have a drink with your fellow researchers and other artists.

The preliminary program of artistic research presentations is as follows:

  • October 31st 15:00-17:30 (UB Belle van Zuylenzaal) - Emily Huurdeman and Florian Gottke
  • December 19th 15:00-17:30 (OMHP kamer C 1.17, Oudemanhuispoort 4-6) - Barbara Alves
  • February 20th  15:00-17:30 (UB Belle van Zuylenzaal) - Guest artist/scholar Tine Melzer gives a talk about her project Taxidermy
  • April 24th 15:00-17:30 (UB Belle van Zuylenzaal) - Lauryn Mannigel and Paula Albuquerque
  • June 26th 15:00-17:30 (Bushuis kamer F 2.11B, Kloveniersburgwal 48) -Isabel Cordeiro and Pedro Manuel

If you would like to attend our sessions, please contact the coordination of the research group at and If you're a Research Master student, please contact NICA directly at




Published by  ASCA

11 December 2017