Media Tactics and Engagement

NECS 2018 – Amsterdam 27-29 June 2018

Organizing team: Paula Albuquerque, Marie Aude Baronian, Carolyn Birdsall, Laura Copier, Sudeep Dasgupta, Karin van Es, Anne Helmond, Judith Keilbach, Nina Köll, Jaap Kooijman, Halbe Kuipers, Anne Kustritz, Clara Pafort-Overduin, Toni Pape, Patricia Pisters, Thomas Poell, Christian Sancto, Hanna Surma, Marijke de Valck, Maryn Wilkinson, Nana Verhoeff.

The 2018 NECS conference jointly organized by the University of Amsterdam and Utrecht University, will take place in Amsterdam from June 27th-29th. Under the theme of “Media Tactics and Engagement”, the conference will explore the various ways in which media intervene in social, cultural and political contexts. The conference invites studies of both current developments and historical explorations of media tactics and engagement. Topics may include media activism and activist media, new industry tactics (including content production outside traditional network structures), remixing, jamming and mashing strategies, (the effects of) trans-media practices, new forms of and challenges to journalism (such as issues of fake news and factuality), and shifting articulations of identity politics and power dynamics through media. The call for papers will be released early November. We look forward to seeing you all in Amsterdam in June, 2018!

Published by  ASCA

11 September 2017