Materialities of Postcolonial Memory

07Dec2017 09Dec2017


The Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture (AHM) of the University of Amsterdam organizes the AHM Conference 2017 on ‘Materialities of Postcolonial Memory’, which will be held 7-9 December 2017 in Amsterdam.

As questions of racism are prominent in public debate, the colonial and slavery past represent more than ever key sites of both social encounter and contestation. The fields of heritage and memory studies, however, have been slow to respond to these urgent issues. This conference will engage with these debates through the lens of materiality, broadly understood.

Reflecting on the materiality of bodies, objects, sites, ruins, traces and interventions, this international conference will examine the awkward, aphasiac and contested memories of colonial and slavery pasts by bringing together scholars from heritage and memory studies, postcolonial and performative studies, critical race studies, archaeology and material culture, art history, archival studies and digital humanities, conflict and identity studies and other areas.

The fee is €40 for employed academics and €15 for students.

Conference organization: Dr. Paul Bijl, Dr. David Duindam, Dr. Ihab Saloul, Dr. Chiara De Cesari.

Published by  Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture