Film Screening: A Journey Into Zero Space

24Mar2017 15:00


Film Screening and discussion in the Film and Philosophy seminar. Special guests: Dawood Hilmandi and Cristina Buta

A Journey Into Zero Space (2016) is a one hour film essay by Dawood Hilmandi structured in three short subchapters. It is a research work investigating the topics of cinema and authority through the use of montage and autobiographical reflexivity. A non-narrative film, it employs self-reflexivity of the author and the medium of cinema and, it tries to activate the viewer within the viewing process. Simply said, the work is a visual collage of many images, thoughts, feelings and themes (including immigration and the notion of home), which could resonate with some of the probably familiar concepts as the grand narrative or cinema as a gesture, for instance. But our main intention is to present the film to you, have a free discussion about the work, and hear your thoughts about it. We are very interested in hearing your insights and we are looking forward to seeing you!


- Cristina and Dawood

Session program:

  • short presentation about the work by Cristina Buta (Film and Philosophy seminar participant) and Dawood Hilmandi (experimental film maker and researcher in cinema)
  • film screening (60 min)
  • discussion together with the group participants

BG2 0.04 (Turfdraagsterspad 15-17)

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