Walter Benjamin Reading Group - First session

04Oct2017 15:00 - 18:00


Organized by Christian Sancto

The writings of Walter Benjamin (1892-1940) on culture, history, philosophy, media, literature, theatre, art, and politics continue to exert a powerful influence on cultural analysis today. The aim of this reading group is to explore Benjamin’s astonishingly rich and suggestive, yet also often fragmentary and obscure oeuvre; this may also include its resonances in the works of Benjamin’s contemporaries (such as Theodor Adorno) and in recent works in cultural analysis. The structure of the group is open; participants will select texts for close reading based on personal research interests and group discussion. We will also discuss ideas for a workshop to take place in the spring/early summer of 2018.

The reading group will meet once a month starting in October 2017. To express an interest in attending the group and to receive more information on it, please email Christian Sancto at

Dates & Locations

4 October, 8 November, 6 December, 7 February, 7 March, 11 April. All sessions will take place in the Vondelzaal of the University Library, except for the 7 March session which will be in OMP, room E.107.     

University Library, Vondelzaal

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