Language–Games & Aspect–Change

20Feb2018 15:00 - 17:30


Guest artist/scholar Tine Melzer gives a talk about her project Taxidermy in the Artistic Research Seminar organized by Paula Albuqueque

Two major instruments from the Ludwig Wittgenstein toolbox will be introduced and tested right away in small experimental exercises. One is the Language–game, the other one the instrument of Aspect–Change. Both are concepts which I imported from philosophy of language to artistic practice and artistic research.

The cognitive instrument ‚aspect seeing’ plays a central role in artistic practice, research and education as well as in the discourse on meaning and interpretation of images. A current research project ‚Shifting images’ commenced at the University of the Arts Bern introduces this important concept to artistic work and reflection and aims to connect processes from philosophy, theory of perception and practice-based experiments in order to establish aspect seeing as active discourse resource in the arts. Interactions between word and image, practice-based experiments, articles and interdisciplinary collaborations will be collected and published as a manual later.


University Library, Belle van Zuylenzaal

Published by  ASCA