Humanist Feminism and the Wrong of Injustice

11Apr2018 12Apr2018


A workshop and Master Class with Mari Mikkola (Oxford) organized by Alex Thinius

Workshop on “Humanist Feminism and the Wrong of Injustice” 11.04.2018, 12.00-18.00, Belle van Zuylenzaal, University of Amsterdam

& Masterclass with Mari Mikkola (Oxford) 12.04.2018, 10.00-16.00, University of Amsterdam

Gender based injustice is wrong, but what exactly makes it wrong? In her 2016 book “The Wrong of Injustice”, Mari Mikkola defends and reframes a humanist approach to feminist analyses of injustice such as sexism: arguably, sexism involves systematically treating women in dehumanizing ways, where it is the dehumanizing moment that makes these injustices wrong. This way Mikkola aims to circumvent the thorny problems of debates around ontological commitments of gender terms and identity categories, while at the same time offering a sense in which feminism is both for everyone and for women in particular. Involving three comments by invited speakers, the workshop aims at a constructive and critical discussion of crucial steps in Mikkola’s argument.

The day after the workshop, there will be a masterclass with Mikkola for PhD students and Master’s students to get to know and discuss in further detail some aspects of analytic feminist philosophy. We will discuss Mikkola’s current and forthcoming work on feminist metaphysics and pornography (“Beyond Speech”, 2017, OUP; “Pornography: A Philosophical Introduction”, forthcoming, OUP).

Thanks to generous funding by the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA) and the Netherlands Institute fur Cultural Analysis (NICA), attendance is free and everyone interested is welcome. Please register at for the workshop, and at for the masterclass (papers will be circulated in advance).

Workshop program “Humanist Feminism and the Wrong of Injustice”

  • 12.00    Welcome Coffee & Sandwiches
  • 12.30    Mari Mikkola (Oxford) “Précis of The Wrong of Injustice”
  • 13.15    Esa Díaz León (Barcelona) “The Gender Controversy and the Metaphysics of Gender”
  • 14.30    Katharine Jenkins (Nottingham) “Deflation and Identification: Mikkola on Gender Terms”
  • 15.45    Christine Bratu (Munich) “What's the Role of Recognition Respect for Dehumanization?”
  • 17.00    Mari Mikkola Reply
  • 17.15    Round up
  • 17.30    End

Masterclass program

  • 10.00    Metaphysics and politics
  • 12.00    Pornography: A Philosophical Introduction I
  • 14.00    Pornography: A Philosophical Introduction II

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