Users, Makers, Dreamers: A Workshop on Vernacular Creativity in China and Beyond

04Oct2018 05Oct2018


 Organised by China Creative, University of Amsterdam

The global call for creative, aspirational and enterprising individuals functions as a dispositif for novel forms of job creation and entrepreneurship of the self. In contemporary China, the embrace of human-centred techniques of governance works by promoting entrepreneurial and self-directed private selves. The pervasive discourses that romanticize “being creative” instigate a young generation’s imagination of passionate and self-fulfilling lives. In the context where this “creative mentality” has permeated in the everyday lives of Chinese individuals, we are urged to rethink what we consider constitutive of creativity, as vernacular realities that are used, made and dreamt of in our everyday lives.

By locating vernacular creativity and with the aid of its users, makers and dreamers, this workshop unpacks the all too often blackboxed notion of creativity, to look for possibilities of criticality or lines of flight out of the creativity dispositif. Situating creativity in complex networks of social practice, collaboration and negotiation, this two-day workshop aims to examine the political, economic, social, cultural and technological dimensions of everyday creative practices in contemporary China and beyond, ultimately to address issues of power and refusal, of precarity and pleasure, of what creativity does to populations and what populations do with creativity.

Venue:  4th October: VOC room, Bushuis. 5th October: 9.00 – 13.00 uur  in room F 2.08 in Bushuis, and 14.00 – 18.00 uur in room F 2.11C in Bushuis.




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