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Europeanizing Spaces

Europeanizing Spaces

This project belongs to the following research constellations:

Globalization and Migration



Mireille Rosello


Staff: Mireille Rosello, Michael Wintle (ICG), Marjet Brolsma (ICG), Martijn v.d. Burg (ICG), Sudeep Dasgupta, Marieke de Goede (ICG), Annemarie v. Heerikhuizen (ICG), Carlos Reijnen (ICG), Guido Snel.

PhD candidate(s): Esra Almas, Lara Mazurski, Christine Taylor, Don Domonkos, Niall Martin, Hugh McDonnell, Maria Groutidou


This project studies European cultural spaces that can be defined as European, not because they are located or take place within the political borders of Europe, but because the cultural agents who produce and reproduce such spaces are inventing new transnational, European identification practices. The European cultural spaces that we intend to study in this project are transnational meeting places, both virtual and material, historical and contemporary, inhabited or visited by both members of national cultures and those who have been excluded from them or come from the outside.

We wish to stress the process of ‘Europeanizing’ and the spatial dimension in these cultural spaces. These spaces are in the process of becoming European and hence creating new definitions of Europe. The spatial dimensions are of importance since both the specific stages (virtual or material) on which cultural encounters take place and the context of these encounters give meaning to these encounters.

As a joint ICG\ASCA research group, we are interested in the agendas that cultural agents who move to these transnational meeting places implicitly or explicitly defend and in the process of inclusion and exclusion that the practices generate. Representative case studies would include:

  • European or internationally orientated magazines and papers (anti-communist exile magazines in Paris or Rome, avant-garde groups -De Stijl)
  • International visual media: Eurovision
  • Film festivals and art exhibitions: returning exhibitions (Venice Biennale), artist collectives (PEN)
  • Literary and cinematographic constructions (salons du livre, artists’ colonies, transnational writers, literature and cinema by or about migrants and exiles that ‘queer’ Europe, documentaries, television programs)
  • Academic projects (conferences, programs, series of publications: Franco-German history-books)
  • State (supported) initiatives (refugee centers, migrants' schools or community centers)
  • Meeting points (airports, consulates, Russendisko or Romanisches café in Berlin)


1 monograph/edited volume, 1 dissertation, NWO project