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Hispanic Transnational Literature, Exile and Periphery

Hispanic Transnational Literature, Exile and Periphery


Pablo Valdivia

Spanish Ministry grant for: History of the Spanish Exile Literature after 1939

Marie Curie RISE Grant for: Cultural Narratives of Crisis and Renewal

José Ricardo Morales
Cric Research Seminars Fall 2015

Members of the research group

Professor Manuel Aznar Soler (Autonomous University of Barcelone, GEXEL), Professor Tomás Albaladejo (Autonomous University of Madrid), Professor Bernard J McGuirk (University of Nottingham), Professor Antonio Sánchez Jiménez (University of Neuchatêl), Dr Jorge Catalá-Carrasco (Newcastle University), Dr Teresa Gómez Trueba (University of Valladolid), Dr. Cristian Crusat (University of Amsterdam), among others (see website). 

Description of the research programme of the research group

The Hispanic Transnational Literature, Exile and Periphery Project is a collaborative initiative based at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam. The project brings together a diverse group of scholars, research students, and practitioners, who are interested in the comparative, interdisciplinary analysis of Hispanic transnational literature and exile. Focusing in particular on the polyhedral dimension of this Hispanic phenomenon, the project has three central objectives. It aims to reconstruct the works of Hispanic exiles. It aims to study the Hispanic and European exile in dialogue and it aims to assess the literary processes of diaspora, periphery, memory and identity in the Hispanic context after 1939.

Envisaged results

The activities and output of the Hispanic Transnational Literature, Exile and Periphery, which build on a series of core sub-projects outlined on the group’s website, include: organizing conferences and workshops, research seminars, reading groups, tutorials, an international research network, publishing journal articles and books, applying for external research funding.

 Work plan and time schedule

Time span: 5 more years (running to 2018); Dissertations by current PhD candidates should be completed by 2017. Current Cátedra, Banco Santander and Spanish Ministry of Education funding in place until 2015. Funding bids currently pending at Marie Curie IRSES.

Societal relevance

The Hispanic Transnational Literature, Exile and Periphery has a high social relevance not only because we address key issues of public concern relating to contemporary heritage and culture, but also because we work collaboratively with public partners (Cervantes Institute, Spanish Embassy, Nederlands Letterenfonds), professionals, and creative practitioners beyond the university to realize and disseminate our research. Our seminars, reading groups, and workshops attract and involve collaboration with a wide range of artists, policy-makers, curators, designers, activists, and many more, both within and beyond The Netherlands.

This research group is active in the following constellations:



Globalization and Migration