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Amsterdam Network for the Study of Online Contention (ANSOC)


Stefania Milan and Thomas Poell


Justus Uitermark, Marlies Glasius, John Boy, Lonneke van der Velden, Becky Kazansky, Davide Beraldo, Guillen Torres, Kersti Wissenbach, Niels ten Oever, Marc Tuters, Jeroen de Vos


This interdisciplinary group is composed of scholars whose work explores the interplay between the ‘political’ and the ‘digital’. One of the key interests of the group is how major online platforms, mostly operated by global corporations affect and reshape popular contention around the globe. In this effort, the focus will be on the technological infrastructure, political economy and legal framework of platforms, revolving around the collection of user data, personalized advertising and services, as well as state and consumer surveillance. In the light of these techno-commercial and political strategies, the group investigates how activists appropriate, as well as critically position themselves in relation to platforms, developing subversive user strategies.

Issue areas of concern include:

  • Strategies and repertoires of online contention, including digital disobedience, data activism, and digital citizen practices.
  • How platform infrastructures shape online contention
  • The role of online contention and networking under illiberal conditions
  • The role of academia in providing and articulating alternatives, as well as nurturing alternative thinking
  • Ethical frameworks for doing data-driven research on online contention



Members of this group are active in the following constellations: