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Performance and Media Research Group


Professor Dr. Kati Röttger


Dr. Bram van Oostveldt, Dr. Alexander Jackob, Dr. Cock Dieleman, Dr. Jan Lazardig, Dr. Veronika Zangl, Dr. Ansgar Mohnkern; Phd-candidates: Hein Goeyens, Lonneke van Heugten, Fabiola Camuti, Suzanne Knip-Mooij, Suzanne Kooloos, Olga Ryabets.

International Partners:

1. MIMESIS: Munich Doctoral Program for Literature and the Arts. Ludwig Maximilians. Cooperation between Ludwig Maximilians University München: Prof. Dr. Christopher Balme (Theatre Studies), Prof. Dr. Tobias Döring (English Literature), and other institutions; as well as LMU-UC Berkeley (Prof. Shannon Jackson, Dept. of Theatre, Dance and Performance, University of Leeds: (Prof. Graham Huggan, director of the Centre for Postcolonial Studies. This project is subsidized by the Bayrisches Wissenschaftskollegium until 2017 (up to 2021).

2. Working group Dramaturgy (part of Internationale Gesellschaft für Theaterwissenschaft): Prof. Dr. Katharina Pewny (University Gent), Prof. Dr. Evelyn Deutsch-Schreiner (University Graz), Prof. Dr. Peter Boenisch (University Surrey), Dr, Matthias Dreyer (Universität Frankfurt), and others.

3. Department of History of Art and Performance at the University of Rome "La Sapienza":Prof. Roberto Ciancarelli

Description of the research programme of the research group

The notion of performance is not strictly limited to theatre. Performance is happening in diverse (new) media, the same as it can be questioned to which extend and how media perform. On the other hand, it has to be taken into account not only the mediality of theatre performance, but also the play of intermediality that it sets out. The group aims to share extensive lectures of theoretical texts that touch upon key concepts and methodologies in the field of Performance-and Media Research. It includes questions and concepts of aesthetics and politics that go along with medial and performative phenomena. The group meets once a month. For every meeting one of the participants proposes and prepares one special text he or she struggles with during his/her research and wishes to discuss within the group. To give an example of the possible spectrum: this year the group has organized a symposium on The Emancipation of Spectatorship after having studied and discussed texts by J. Derrida, J. Lacan, Slavoj Zizek, Lauren Berlant, and others.

Envisaged results

4 dissertations, several articles, a reading group, a lecture series.

Work plan and time schedule

The group will continue for the next 5 years. The cooperation with The MIMESIS Project will take place until 2021.

Societal relevance

The group provides insight in techniques of critical reading and analysis of cultural representations.

This research group is active in the following constellations: