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Photography, Film and Displacement

Photography, Film and Displacement

This project belongs to the following research constellations:


Sophie Berrebi


Staff: Sophie Berrebi, Julia Noordegraaf, Marie-Aude Baronian


Photography, Film and Displacement aims at bringing together research projects concerned with still and moving images and their production, circulation and presentation in contemporary culture. Photography and film’s prominence in visual culture is coupled with the ubiquitous status of its objects and the shifts of meaning that occur with their displacement from one context to another. Aimed at researchers from various disciplines from the humanities and beyond, this project provides a meeting place for researchers who examine photography and film and creates an environment for discussion through research workshops and conferences. Contributing to the development of a theoretical corpus around photography, film and displacement through publications is the principal aim of this research project. To this purpose, a research proposal will be submitted to the NWO.


2005: Conference with Didi-Huberman

2006: Lecture series with Michaud and Rancière