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Recycling Media Project

Recycling Media Project


Dr. Alexandra Schneider & Dr. Wanda Strauven

Members of the research group

Catherine Lord, Alexandra Schneider, Wanda Strauven and a dedicated group of regular and incidental researchers and scholars interested in the topic.

Description of the research programme of the research group

The aim of the project is to theoretically reflect upon the life cycle of cultural objects and media practices. In a time where environmental issues are high on political agendas, the Humanities can no longer stay away from issues such as (cultural) waste and obsolescence – from electronic waste to the future of dead media, from the conservation of art works with biological elements to the performativity of old archives, from digital games that can no longer be played. Related issues are the tension between materiality and immateriality, between analog and digital, between eternal and biodegradable. In terms of obsolescence, we will look at media concepts and artifacts in constant transformation and analyse their survival on a global scheme: Where does all this (cultural) waste end up? How and where are (cultural) objects recycled, reused?

Envisaged results

Currently the coordinators prepare a special issue on “Waste” for the Necsus. European Journal of Media Studies, Autumn 2013

Work plan and time schedule

2011/2012: The group functioned as a reading group with approx. 5-10 participants for each meeting.
2012/13: The coordinators prepare a special issue on Waste for a journal
2014/15: tbd

Societal relevance

By taking up current issues and discourses around e-waste and media-e-waste in particular from a media studies point of view, the research group aims to contribute to the challenges that the increasing use and proliferation of media technology pose for a sustainable future.

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Cultural and Social Critique