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Representing National Identity

Representing National Identity

This project belongs to the following research constellations:

Globalization and Migration



Melanie Schiller


Melanie Schiller, Aylin Kuryel, Gladys Chong (ASCA), Lara Mazurski (ASCA), Seda Muftugil (ASCA), Margaret Tali (ASCA), Walid El Houri (ASCA), Bram Hendrawan (Universiteit van Utrecht), Leonie Schmidt (ASCA), Esra Almas (ASCA, Andrea Meuzelaar (ASCA), Hendrik Folkerts (Department of Modern and Contemporary Art History), Irina Souch (ASCA), Levent Yilmazok (ASCA), Birkan Tas (ASCA), Olivier Nyirubugara (ASCA), Rogier van Reekum (ASSR), Laura Basu (Universiteit van Utrecht), Guohua Zeng (ASCA)


It is often said that globalization might lead to the end of nation-states. But, in fact, many nations (in Europe and elsewhere) are currently eager to re-define their national identities. Therefore, we are interested in questions like: How are national identities articulated? How are they promoted by the nation-state? How are they constructed culturally? What role does cultural heritage and collective memory play in the representation of contemporary national identities?

We are a group of PhD candidates conducting research on the representation of different national identities in various media. We come from diverse disciplines and our methodologies are distinct, but our research-projects are thematically related. We meet monthly to discuss texts that are relevant to our own individual research, and which might also be of interest to the others. This way we benefit from each other's different backgrounds and expertise. We informally discuss theoretical questions, but we also address practical issues related to our projects and writings.

The group is open for PhD candidates doing research on national identity as it is articulated in any medium. Different theoretical backgrounds and methodologies are explicitly welcome.