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Trans-Asia Cultural Studies Group



Jeroen de Kloet

Members of the research group

Jeroen de Kloet
Stefan Landsberger
Pal Nyiri (Free University)
Markha Valenta (Nijmegen University)
Yiu Fai Chow (Hong Kong Baptist University)
Bart Barendregt (Leiden University)
Lena Scheen (NYU – Shanghai Campus)
Jeroen Groenewegen (Beijing)
Olga Sooudi
David Kloos (Free University)
Bram Hendrawan (Utrecht University)
Adiel Portugali (Tel Aviv University)
Reza Kartosen
Penn Ip
Gladys Chong (Baptist University Hong Kongt)
Leonie Schmidt
Guohua Zeng
Liao Hong Fei
Wang Shuaishuai 
Lin Jian
Arjen Nauta
Laura Vermeeren
Rowan Parry
Zoenie Liwen Deng
Yuefan Xiao

Description of the research programme of the research group

The Trans-Asia cultural studies group aims to bring scholars in The Netherlands together who are working on issues related to “Asia,” to read and discuss key texts as well as each other’s work. The hitherto absence of such a reading group is particularly remarkable when many of us who study Asia have been drawing on work from cultural studies scholars. The research interest of this reading group is broad: not only work that focuses on cultural practices in Asia, but also related studies on the presence of Asia in Europe or elsewhere is included. This reading group operates deliberately on the interstices of humanities and social sciences, and aims at an inclusive and critical approach that refuses to privilege any particular academic paradigm. It aspires to bring together students from research masters, PhD candidates as well as faculty members from different departments at different universities.

Envisaged results

9 dissertations, conference.

Work plan and time schedule

Monthly: Discussion meetings
Dissertations: Completion is pending on stage of the respective project
Conference: 2016

Societal relevance

With the current discourse of the rise of Asia, in conjunction with a quite pervasive eurocentrism that haunts knowledge production at the University of Amsterdam, and Western academia in general, there is a strong need to widen the scope of knowledge production and provincialise knowledge production. This will help to engage with current geopolitical changes. In particular the alliance between area studies and cultural studies that this group pursues is highly relevant and innovative.

This research group is active in the following constellations: