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Forms and Links

Below are links to various forms which sometimes need to be filled...

PhD Regulations

All formal regulations for PhD candidates at the Faculty of Humanities can be found in the PhD Regulations document

PhD Regulations Faculty of Humanities Regulations PhD candidates 2018 (For PhDs starting after 31 August 2018) Welcome Letter PhD Candidates

Admission to the Defense

At the time of your registration, you will be asked to register for the Admission to the Defense. This is a separate administrative track handled by  Hotze Mulder, who can be contacted at

Admission to the defence form/Toelating tot de promotie

Research Funding

Externally- or self-Funded PhD candidates are entitled to a small budget of up to € 3,000 (for the entire PhD trajectory, not per year) for conference visits, the production of the dissertation or other research costs. To apply for this funding, please send a message to:

Internally funded PhD candidates are entitled to an annual research budget (the amount fluctuates; currently it is 1,200 Euro per year). To use this budget, please follow the instructions on this link:

Research Fund/Onderzoekskrediet


The ASCA office organizes evaluation meetings with all internally funded PhD candidates and their supervisors. The candidates will be asked to fill out an evaluation form (see below) indicating the progress they have made and their planning for the rest of the trajectory. Self-funded and externally funded PhD candidates are asked to fill out this same form by email on an annual basis and their supervisors are also asked to send a short report. If any problems are signalled by either the candidate or the supervisors, the ASCA office arranges for a meeting with ASCA’s vice-director.

ASCA PhD Evaluation Form

Training and Supervision Plan/OBP (Opleidings- en Begeleidingsplan)

At the start of their project, all funded PhD candidates are requested to fill out the ASCA Workplan--detailing their chapter planning--, and the OBP of the Graduate School.

Training and Supervision Plan

UvA Staff Card

In the Netherlands, PhD candidates are considered to be ‘employees’ and not ‘students’. Hence, you are entitled to an UvA staff card, for which you can apply. Self-funded or externally funded PhD candidates who want to benefit from student reductions may ask the ASCA office for a letter stating that they are students.

Staff ID Card

UvA Profile

All PhD candidates will be visible on the UvA website. Please make sure to edit your profile.

Profile page

Dissertation Defense Guidelines

When you approach the completion of your dissertation, please consult the PhD Defense Guidelines.

Dissertation Defense Guidelines