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Reading group - Digital Materialities: tracing the digital

Organisers: Melle Kromhout -, Christian Olesen -

Last academic year, the reading group “Discourse Network 2000” looked into and ‘around’ the work of Friedrich Kittler, focussing on his particular take on the implications of the emergence of the digital age. “Digital Materialities” takes up some of the themes and questions that arose during these sessions.

We propose to consider digital media as artefacts with a material basis, in order to question the degree in which digitality is perceived as a radical break from analogue media and their associated forms of knowledge. We want to ask how much of the analogue is actually part of the digital, and vice versa.

Taking our cue from a wide range of texts in the philosophy of science, technological and material history and media archaeology, we want to trace the (pre-)history of theories on digital technology in order to rethink some of its conceptual implications for the future of technology and theory.”

In order to participate in the reading group, it is in no way a prerequisite to have been part of last years 'Discourse Network 2000'-group. We happily invite anyone that is broadly interested in these fields and topics to join 'Digital Materialities,' as well as to add texts and ideas over the course of its monthly sessions.