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PhD Training program

The ASCA curriculum, which brings together academic staff, PhD candidates, and selected Research MA students in collaborative and supportive contexts, is designed to provide high-­level scholarly and professional training for future scholars working within the interdisciplinary humanities. ASCA trains future scholars to develop a socially-­informed understanding of cultural phenomena, stimulating them to combine theoretical knowledge with a keen expertise in detailed analysis or close reading. The seminars, courses, and workshops offered within the training program are open to all ASCA PhD candidates, as well as other scholars in the humanities, including those working in other research schools or institutes.

An individually-­‐tailored training program is drawn up for every ASCA PhD candidate in consultation with the advisor, the director of ASCA, and the candidate him/herself at the start of the PhD work. Candidates work under close supervision of one of the ASCA senior members and are evaluated on a yearly basis.

ASCA PhD candidates have access to a wide selection of research seminars, intensive interdisciplinary courses on specific topics and themes, and workshops devoted to practical skills (including writing and presentation skills, academic publishing, and navigating the job market). Starting in 2011, the ASCA PhD program is complemented by a program of skills training courses (currently available to university or NWO‐funded PhDs only) organized by the Graduate School for Humanities. Also from 2011, ASCA PhD students are able to follow additional workshops and summer/winter schools at NICA (Netherlands Institite for Cultural Analysis) and RMeS (Research School in Media Studies).