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drs. A.H.P.M. (Lonneke) van Heugten

Faculty of Humanities
Theatre Studies
Photographer: Eduard Lampe

Visiting address
  • Nieuwe Doelenstraat 16-18
Postal address
  • Nieuwe Doelenstraat 16-18
    1012 CP Amsterdam
Contact details
  • PhD Candidate at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA)

    Research Title

    The EU as a Curator in the European Theatre World.

    Supervisors: Prof. dr. K.E. Röttger, Head of the Dept. Theatre Studies, UvA and Dr. Pascal Gielen, director of the Research Centre Arts in Society, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.


    The crisis that grips Europe is exemplary of the cosmopolitan imperative and its divergent consequences that Ulrich Beck has formulated; it either produces communities of global risk or ignites re-nationalization. In the midst of these ambiguities, the European Culture Programme can be seen as a "curator" - meaning that it spatializes and creates conditions for the visibility of cultural production. The subsidized art-works, however, are also actors that can translate and subvert their assumed roles. My PhD research is focusing on the tactics and strategies of transnational collaborations in EU-subsidized theatre. Moreover, what kind of  lines of flight do the performances offer to Europe as a cultural project in-between the national and transnational?


    Lonneke holds an MA in Arts and Culture at Maastricht University (2006) and an MA International Performance Research at the Universities of Amsterdam and Warwick (2010, with Honours). For the latter, her thesis Theatre as a Vortex of Behaviour in Dutch Multicultural Society was awarded the Theatre Thesis Prize of the Theatre Institute Netherlands and is published with Tectum Verlag. She is writing her PhD at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis and occasionally teaches at Theatre Studies, UvA. Besides academe, she has worked as a director’s assistant, marketing manager and producer in festivals, theatres and other cultural organisations in the Netherlands and abroad. Her main interests are in writing, dramaturgy and curation and the interconnections between performing arts and society.


    Bachelor’s level

    Bachelorthesis Working Group (Language: Dutch, semester 2, year 2013-2014).

    Theatre AnalysisWorking Group (Language: Dutch, semester 2, year 2010-2011).


    Master’s level

    Internship Coordinator for the MA in International Performance Research, UvA (Language: English, semester 2, year 2010-2011).

    Conferences and Presentations 

    “Curating (in) crisis: Europe and the theatre”

    International Federation for Theatre Research (IFTR), Warwick, 2014.


    “Orientalisation of Europe”

    Presentation at Wetenschapsfilosofie, Theatre Studies, UvA, 2014


    “The EU as a Curator in a Transnational Theatre World” 

     PhD Symposium Dramaturgies of Performance, Theatre Studies, Amsterdam, 2014.


    “The EU as a Curator in the European Theatre World”

    IFTR/FIRT, Barcelona, 2013.


    "The EU as a Curator in the European Theatre World"

    Lecture at Euro-Balkan University, Skopje, 2013.


    “Curating European Culture”

    III Summer School for Culture, Culture@Work, Lisbon, 2013.


    “Theatre as a vortex of behavior in Dutch society”

    MA Colloquium Theatre Studies, Amsterdam, 2012.


    “Marketing Dutch Culture in New York: The New Island Festival between Export Product and Cultural Performance.”

    Performance Studies International (PSI), Leeds, 2012.


    “The Cancellation of Aïsha and the women of Madina. From an Empty Stage to a Spectacle of the Dutch Multicultural Drama.”

    ACS Crossroads in Cultural Studies, Paris, 2012.


    “Memory Booth” PSI, Utrecht, presented with meLe Yamomo, 2011.


    “Dancing Around Feminity: Between Self-Exoticism and Self-Expression.” IFTR, Munich, presented with Jocelyn Chng, 2010.


    “Theatre in and as Public Space.” PSI, Toronto, 2010.


    “Theatre as a Catalyst for Intercultural Negotiation. The Cancellation of Aïsha and the Women of Medina.” IFTR, Lisbon, 2009.


  • Publications


    • van Heugten, A. H. P. M., & Bharadwaj, G. (2017). Co-curating the Curriculum: On the Politics of International Performance Pedagogy. In S. Bala, M. Gluhovic, H. Korsberg, & K. Röttger (Eds.), International Performance Research Pedagogies: Towards an Unconditional Discipline? (pp. 203-216). Cham: Palgrave Macmillan.


    • van Heugten, L. (2013). Theatre as a Vortex of Behaviour in Dutch Multicultural Society: A Discourse Analysis of "Aïsha" in the Public Sphere. Marburg: Tectum Verlag. [details]


    • van Heugten, A. H. P. M. (2017). House on Fire 2012-2017. House on Fire.


    • van Heugten, L. (2014). Tuning in to European Dissonance. In A. Lengyel (Ed.), Karaoke Europe: A Handbook to Social Specific Theatre (pp. 98-115). Karaoke Europe. [details]
    • van Heugten, L. (2014). Welkom in het hoofd van de dictator: drieluik over 'El Año de Ricardo' van Angélica Liddell. -vol. 3. Theaterschrift Lucifer, 12. [details]


    • van Heugten, L. (2011). TIN Theaterscriptieprijs.
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  • Ancillary activities
    No known ancillary activities