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Unthinking CPC: Colonialism, Patriarchy, and Capitalism

Organizers: Inez Blanca van der Scheer & Tjalling R. Valdés Olmos. In this ASCA Reading Group we focus on readings from queer/feminist of color and decolonial genealogies of thinking/theory, artistic practice, and activism to analyse and unthink CPC: Colonialism, Patriarchy, and Capitalism.  

CPC as a term was coined by Terra Critica's ReadingRoom (see:, an Utrecht-based collective that has applied critical feminist approaches to analyse the ways in which colonialism, patriarchy, and capitalism are systemically interwoven.

Future sessions will discuss a variety of different approaches to unthinking these interlinking systems of oppression, taking into account more poetic approaches (e.g. Edouard Glissant, Audre Lorde, Gloria Anzaldua, Saidiya Hartman) as well as for example developments in decolonial/critical race theory and posthumanisms/inhumanisms (e.g. Alexander Weheliye, Zakkiyah Iman Jackson, C. Riley Snorton, Juno Parrenas). We will start by exploring and discussing the work of Jamaican author and critic Sylvia Wynter. Her work questions the formation and possible undoing of a particular exclusionary human subject from a thorough understanding of the interrelated workings of colonialism, patriarchy, and capitalism. This will serve as a challenging and critical basis for the continuation of our seminars.

This seminar series aims to connect with local initiatives that deal with questions and experiences surrounding feminist and queer of color communities, archives, spaces, art projects, and research.

The ‘Unthinking CPC’ theory seminar intends to meet on the last Tuesday of every month (except during summer semester) from 15:00 – 17:00. To register please send an email to Inez van der Scheer and Tjalling Valdés Olmos