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In this one day conference art historian and writer John C. Welchman (University of California, San Diego) will examine Mike Kelley’s interests in the constitution and unraveling of memory, putting these concerns in the wider context of his meditations on history, education, the family, subject-formation, and the public sphere.

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Date 12 September 2017
Time 09:00 - 17:00
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Mike Kelley (1954-2013), born in Detroit, Michigan, is now regarded as one of the most influential American artists of our time. In the years in conversation with the artist, Welchman contributed to building a consciousness of an alternative space, one that inserts itself into the wider topic of the institutional structure. More recently, Welchman has written an engaging essay on ideas and experiences of memory in Kelley's works, in which he outlines some questions arising from the physical and conceptual reorganization of memory. A comprehensive overview of and research on Kelley’s relation to memory and space inserted in an interdisciplinary context, has yet to be achieved, and questions around memory, recall and spatial formations remain open to discussion. 

This event is open for all university staff, MA & PhD students. The event is organised by the Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture (AHM). During the event will intervene Genevieve Loup (ECAV-Sierre and HEAD-Geneva) and Francesca Verga (University of Amsterdam).

Location: University of Amsterdam, UB, Singel 421-427. Morning: Room Belle van Zuylen (C 1.13), afternoon: Vondelzaal (room C 1.08).

Repressed Spatial Relationships Rendered as Fluid, No. 6: St. Mary’s Church and School (Cry Room in the Sky)
Mike Kelley, 'Repressed Spatial Relationships Rendered as Fluid, No. 6: St. Mary's Church and School' (2002)
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