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NICA Seminar organized by Jules Sturm, Ymke Kelders, Sofia Apostolidou. The seminar will take place once a week (4 hours) in Amsterdam, 4 February- 24 March 2016. The deadline for registration (motivation letter) is January 10, 2016.

Detail Summary
Date 4 February 2016
Time 00:00

This seminar centres around a new analytical perspective on disability: Cultural Analysis of Disability. This approach emphasizes the idea that disability theory has implications and effects beyond the health and/or social policy sector, and that it becomes productive for the analysis of culture at large. Cultural Analysis of Disability is not an established discipline with a fixed methodology. Rather, it is an interdisciplinary research practice that understands the dialogue between bodies, disability experience, and theory as a productive and malleable field of cultural production and self-reflection.

This seminar is characterized by an interdisciplinary approach to disability in the social, cultural, political, artistic, ethical, and medical spheres and their intersections. The aim of the course is to bring together people from different disciplines, and approach disability as a concept using the analytical tools of cultural analysis, where interdisciplinarity is encouraged under a socially and politically responsible outlook. While the focus will be academic, cross-disciplinary collaborations of artistic production, social engagement, and academic analysis are greatly welcome; we hope that the seminar will provide the grounds for the advancement of critical disability studies in the Netherlands.

We encourage RMA and MA students with a background in cultural theory, art, performance studies, philosophy, social theory, medical anthropology, literary studies, etc. to send a 500 word motivation letter to before January 10, 2016. In your application, please mention your affiliation and provide us with some information on your background, why you are interested in the course and what you expect from it.

6 EC are offered to students who actively participate and hand in a 3.000-4.000 paper. Info;

We will try to take into account everyone's access needs. Please contact us in advance, if you have any access needs or wishes.”

In collaboration with: Disability Studies in Nederland (