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A joint initiative by Jacques Serrano and Marie-Aude Baronian ~ “Fashion & Philosophy” may at first seem like a reluctant pairing that refracts disparate notions and contrasting fields. While Fashion conjures notions of ephemerality, spectacle, consumption, and is often associated with frivolity and superficiality, Philosophy is more traditionally aligned with grand ideas of wisdom, reason, the absolute, and the Self.

Event details of Fashion & Philosophy Symposium
Start date 22 April 2016
End date 23 April 2016

By looking beyond this perceived delineation, however, fashion and philosophy are perhaps not so exclusive, since fashion—as a system of codes, as an industry, as a creative force, and as a mode of (self-)expression and communication—has increasingly permeated our present-day cultures, provoking not only criticism but thoughtful reflection, thus venturing into the realm of the philosophical. In leaving aside the apparent distinctions between fashion and philosophy and in joining the two fields together, we will begin to question how the two can inform each other in a way that is altogether significant, challenging, and alluring.

The symposium will investigate the many ways through which fashion and philosophy deal with shared themes and issues such as temporality, identity, materiality, the body, perception, aesthetics, and political and ethical matters. In addressing and combining the various concepts and paradigms surrounding both fashion and philosophy, the event wishes to create a fertile space wherein fashion can be approached through a philosophical prism and, alternately, philosophy can be considered through the realm of fashion.

In bringing together various academics, intellectuals, and fashion professionals the symposium aims to generate provocative and illuminating discussions that will delve into the colliding and compelling worlds of fashion and philosophical thinking.

Venues and invited speakers :

-Hotel Droog on April 22, from 18:00 to 22:00. With Alexander van Slobbe (fashion designer), Joke Robaard (visual artist), Camiel van Winkel (art theorician) and Marie-Aude Baronian.

-Doelenzaal / UvA on April 23, from 10:45 to 18:00. With Rebecca Louise Breuer (philosopher, AMFI), Joke Robaard (visual artist, Rietveld Academy), Patricia Pisters, Laurent De Sutter (philosophy, Vrij Universiteit Brussel), Mark Alizart (philosopher and curator), Fransesco Masci (philosopher) and Francoise Gaillard (historian of ideas).

Reservation is required :

Event organized by ASCA, AMFI, Les Rencontres Places Publiques, and Ambassade de France.