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Guest lecture by Dr. Cristiana Strava (Leiden University) in the next session of the ASCA Cities seminar. Please note the new date, time and location!

Detail Summary
Date 13 December 2018
Time 16:00 - 18:00

Dr. Strava’s research is broadly concerned with the nexus between the postcolonial state, changing social geographies and the re-territorialization of regulatory regimes in urban North Africa and the Middle East. In this lecture, she will speak about the temporal registers of existing and projected (mega)infrastructure in Morocco, and explore some of the affective and political associations these registers give rise to, both at the level of official discourse and among ordinary Moroccans. Taking into account recent mass protests framed increasingly in terms of the differentiated access to (decaying) infrastructure and development in the country, she will specifically build on the case of the Casablanca – Tangiers high-speed rail corridor (Africa’s first) slated for inauguration next year. Through this focus, she will reflect on how an approach focused on the temporal dimension of costly prestige projects can offer a fresh perspective on the current global dynamics re-working and re-imagining governance and citizenship in the region and elsewhere.

Preparatory reading for the seminar:

  • Adams, Vincanne, Michelle Murphy and Adele E. Clarke, “Anticipation: Technoscience, life, affect, temporality.” Subjectivity 28.1 (2009): 246-265.
  • Knox, Hannah, “Affective Infrastructures and the Political Imagination.” Public Culture 29.2 (2017): 363-384.
  • Strava, Cristiana, “A Tramway Called Atonement: Genealogies of Infrastructure and Emerging Political Imaginaries in Contemporary Casablanca,” Anti/Thesis 10 (2017): 22-29.

The readings are available via:

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P.C. Hoofthuis

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