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In April and May 2019, the Russian and Slavic Studies department and student association Radost present three new films about Eastern Europe & the Caucasus, followed by a Q&A with the makers.

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Start date 9 May 2019
End date 13 May 2019
Time 00:00
Still uit 'Take Me Somewhere Nice' (copyright Pupkin)

The makers exchange the mainstream-media trend to stereotype the regions as exotic, sombre danger zones for an insistence on poetic and aesthetic power – although always with a keen eye for the darker sides of life.

Together, the films not only highlight the drastic local variation within the region that we label ‘Eastern Europe’ – but in presenting this region, they also build on drastically diverse art forms. Metahaven’s Eurasia (2018), filmed in Macedonia & the Ural mountains, combines poetry and animation to explore European and Eurasian identity in post-truth times. In Daymohk (2019), Masha Novikova asks how traditional dance functions in a restless Chechnya. In Ena Sendijarević’ roadmovie Take Me Somewhere Nice (2019), an alienated teenager returns from abroad to her family’s homeland – a starry-skied, pastel-coloured Bosnia.

 ‘the Dutch art crusaders have imagined Europe’s future – and it’s very medieval’ The Guardian on Eurasia & Metahaven’s solo show at London’s Institute of Contemporary Art

Best Dutch Short Documentary; Best Dutch Feature Documentary; Grand Prize Ismailia International Festival Egypt; Best Investigation Documentary Doclisboa – selection of prizes won by Novikova for earlier films

‘extraordinary artistic achievement’ Jury report for Take Me Somewhere Nice, winner Jury Award at the International Film Festival Rotterdam


April 11, 5pm, Belle van Zuylenzaal – Eurasia: Questions on Happiness (2018) trailer
May 9, 5pm, Doelenzaal – Daymohk (2019) trailer
May 13, 5pm, Doelenzaal – Take Me Somewhere Nice (2019) trailer


All films are followed by a Q&A with the makers by Ellen Rutten, professor of Russian and Slavic studies at the University of Amsterdam. The screenings are a part of Rutten’s BA course Rusland en Oost-Europa. The screenings are free of charge, but space is limited; register via (for Take Me Somewhere Nice, we also share the location via mail nearer the date).

This series is supported by the University of Amsterdam’s Department of Russian and Slavic Studies, Student Association Radost, and the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis.