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Supervisors: Christoph Lindner, Kees Koonings; and Carolyn Birdsall, Agnietenkapel, 4 July 2019, 12.00 hrs.

Detail Summary
Date 4 July 2019
Time 12:00

This thesis examines the representation of Rio de Janeiro’s favelas in modern and contemporary visual art, as well as the social contexts in which these art practices are produced, disseminated and received in Rio de Janeiro and abroad. This process is described as the “worlding” of Rio de Janeiro’s favelas, focusing on the frameworks of thought and the aesthetic repertoires through which favelas have been depicted by visual artists since the early twentieth century, and highlighting the national and international reception of these works. In addition, links with other representational contexts in which favela imaginaries reach global audiences (e.g. film, tourism, and academia) are explored. The thesis shows that artistic representations often shift between resisting and reinforcing local and global inequalities when traveling across different spatial and temporal contexts. Building on this, I argue that ethical and epistemological questions should be fundamentally intertwined when considering the representation of favelas in artistic practices.