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This year, ASCA is celebrating its 25th anniversary. To mark this momentous occasion, we are planning an ASCA summit in the Compagnietheater (Kloveniersburgwal 50, Amsterdam) on Friday 27 September. This is also the day of ASCA Director Esther Peeren's inaugural lecture ‘Attending to Ghosts: Cultural Analysis, Close Reading and the Cultural Imagination’ in the Aula at 4 pm. In the evening we host a party at Tolhuis in Amsterdam Noord. We cordially invite you to join us in celebrating ASCA’s anniversary.

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Date 27 September 2019
Time 09:15
ASCA 25 jaar

For practical reasons we would like to know if we can count on your presence at the summit (incl. lunch), the party, or both. Please email Eloe Kingma at

The summit, which will last from 9:00 until 15:00, including lunch, will feature three panel discussions about developments that are key to ASCA's future:

  1. broad interdisciplinarity (the need for our research to cross disciplinary borders not just within the humanities, but more broadly);
  2. social relevance (the need for ASCA to reach wider, more diverse audiences) ;
  3. artistic research (ASCA's role in expanding opportunities for artistic research).

Opening by Esther Peeren and Jaap Kooijman

09:30 – 11:00
Broad Interdisciplinarity
Chair: Esther Peeren
Stefania Milan, Gaston Franssen, Jeroen de Kloet, Beate Roessler, Jan de Groot, Jeff Diamanti

11:00 – 11:15          Coffee break

11:15 – 12:45         
Social Relevance
Chair: Jaap Kooijman
Richard Rogers, Joke Hermes, Murat Aydemir, Inez van der Scheer, Reza Kartosen-Wong

12:45 – 13:30          Lunch

13:30 – 15:00         
Artistic Research
Chair: Patricia Pisters
Paula Albuquerque, Florian Göttke, Mia Lerm-Hayes, Janice McNab, Flora Lysen, Paulina Aroch

Inaugural Lecture Esther Peeren: 'Attending to Ghosts: Cultural Analysis, Close Reading and the Cultural Imagination'

21:00-1:00               ASCA Party at Tolhuis

Leading up to the asca25 celebrations, there are two more events:

the Opening of ASCA’s Founding Director Mieke Bal’s video installation: ‘Sad Countenances, Don Quijote and Sancho Pança struggle with the difficulties of communication. Reading alone is not enough’  in the Bushuis, foyer VOC-zaal, Kloveniersburgwal 48 on September 25 at 5 pm;

and the inaugural lecture of Margriet Schavemaker as professor of Media and Art in Museum Practice, ‘Gekleurde verhalen. Media en kunst in de museale praktijk’ in the Aula on September 26 at 4 pm.