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This year, ASCA is celebrating its 25th birthday. To mark this momentous occasion, we are planning an ASCA summit on Friday 27 September (which is also the day of ASCA Director Esther Peeren's inaugural lecture).

Detail Summary
Date 27 September 2019
Time 00:00 - 00:00

The summit, which will last from 9:30 until 15:00, including lunch, will feature three panel discussions about developments that are key to ASCA's future: 1) broad interdisciplinarity (the need for our research to cross disciplinary borders not just within the humanities, but more broadly); 2) social relevance (the need for ASCA to reach wider, more diverse audiences)  ; 3) artistic research (ASCA's role in expanding opportunities for artistic research). In the evening there will be a big party. Save the date!