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ASCA Political Ecologies Seminar // Public Talk & Masterclass with Dr. Rhys Williams | Hosted by Jeff Diamanti and Joost de Bloois 

Event details of Unsoiled: The Promise of Future Foods
Date 26 March 2021

Public Talk: Unsoiled: The Promise of Future Foods


Topic: Rhys Williams public talk (ASCA POLITICAL ECOLOGIES)

Time: Mar 26, 2021 04:00 PM Amsterdam

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Meeting ID: 864 1704 9941


Radical developments in the food production technologies of precision fermentation and cultured meats promise to do away with the industrial agricultural system and its attendant pollution, land-use, and animal cruelty. This talk will consider these technologies and the persuasive narratives and aesthetics they mobilise, place them in the context of historical techno-utopian ecological narratives, and ask what new formal relations between human and non-human nature they might bring into being.  

Rhys Williams is Lecturer in Energy and Environmental Humanities at the University of Glasgow. His recent publications include ‘Turning toward the Sun: The Solarity and Singularity of New Food’ in South Atlantic Quarterly (2021) and ‘This Shining Confluence of Magic and Technology: Solarpunk, Energy Imaginaries, and the Infrastructures of Solarity’ in Open Library of Humanities (2019).


Graduate Masterclass 


In this one hour masterclass, Rhys will put his recent article on Solarity and agriculture in conversation with ideas of liberation through containment, the narrative of the Singularity, and the new relation between human and non-human these forms promise to concretise. Three articles attached for preparation.  

To participate in the masterclass, contact ASCA Political Ecologies organizers Jeff Diamanti or Joost de Bloois.