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Presentation by Ana Vujanović (Independent scholar and cultural worker, Berlin/Belgrade) in the ASCA Lecture Series on Politics and Performance organized by Sruti Bala and Elize Mazadiego. | Respondent: Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes (Art History, University of Amsterdam). Contact:

Event details of The politics of production in the performing arts
Date 24 June 2021
Time 16:00 -18:00
Freedom Landscapes (2018), a choreographic-cinematic installation, Mladinsko Theater Ljubljana  by Ana Vujanovic and Marta Popivoda Photo: Ivian kan Mujezinović

The lecture argues that performance today is a model of production, rather than a model of politics, as it has been assumed in democratic society. This, however, does not mean that the performance is apolitical or politically irrelevant, but that its politicality is now usually indirect and tacit, predominantly operating in the register of the ‘political unconscious’. Reasons for that indirect and dubious politicality of the performing arts should be found in a wider socio-economic process of today’s neoliberal society. The point is that therein, politics has already been immersed in capitalist production, which is post-Fordist and post-industrial. That phenomenon has multifold causes and consequences. In order to disentangle it, I unfold the twin processes of the economisation of politics and the politicisation of production, as a backdrop against which one should approach the issue of the political dimension of art today.

Ana Vujanović holds a Ph.D. in Humanities (Theatre Studies). She has lectured at various universities and was a professor in the Performance Studies Department at the University Hamburg. Since 2016 she is a team member and mentor at SNDO – School for New Dance Development, AHK Amsterdam. She was a founding member of the TkH [Walking Theory], a Belgrade-based collective, and editor-in-chief of the TkH Journal for Performing Arts Theory (2001-17). She has published a number of articles and several books, such as Public Sphere by Performance, with B. Cvejic (2012), A Live Gathering: Performance and Politics in Contemporary Europe, edited with L. Piazza (2019) and Toward a Transindividual Self, with B. Cvejic (2021). She also works as a dramaturg in contemporary theatre, dance, performance and film. With filmmaker Marta Popivoda she is engaged in long-term artistic-theoretical research, which most recently resulted in a documentary Landscapes of Resistance (2021).


Freedom Landscapes (2018), a choreographic-cinematic installation, Mladinsko Theater Ljubljana

by Ana Vujanovic and Marta Popivoda

Photo: Ivian kan Mujezinović