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As a PhD researcher you are immersed into your research subject every day, but how do you bring across your research to a large public? This course focuses on how you can become a clear and engaging presenter, so that your key information comes across to the other side and you become an effective communicator.

Event details of PhD Skills: Presentation Skills
Date 11 November 2021
Time 09:00

Course description

After the course you will know how:

  • to make a quick and thorough foundation for a successful presentation. (think: structure, clear goal, gain, map public).
  • to get your audience “on board” in a few minutes.
  • to effectively bring your message across.
  • to present engaging from beginning to end.
  • to manage your nerves.
  • to appeal to all the different kinds of public.
  • to inform, convince and inspire.
  • to improve your personal presentation style.
  • to deal in an effective and professional manner with questions.
  • The course will focus on presenting as a generic skill, as well as presenting for the scientific world.

Course dates


Thursdays 9:00 - 13:00
11 November, 18 November, 25 November, 2 December

Please sign up for the waiting list if the course is fully booked. We will contact you if a place opens up. Thanks.