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Global Digital Cultures offers regular research seminars in which work-in-progress papers from junior and senior researchers at the UvA are discussed. In this session, we will discuss Ursula Daxecker's work on "How Hostile Misinformation Shapes Beliefs: A Survey Experiment in India" and Nermin Elsherif's text "When the Silent Past Gets a Voice: Nostalgia and online contestations around history and identity".

Event details of Research-in-progress: April meeting
Date 9 April 2021
Time 15:00 -16:30

These sessions feature research on global digital cultures from a wide variety of scholarly disciplines, theoretical perspectives, and methodological approaches. During each of these events, we will discuss two draft texts, seeking to include a mix of senior and junior scholars.

After the April 9 session, the following dates are May 21, June 11, Sept. 17, October 8, Nov. 5., and Dec. 3 – all from 3-4:30 pm (CET). 

If you are interested in presenting a work-in-progress paper in the GDC research seminar series, please contact: