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Collaboration with Public Organisations

Eye Film Institute

  • 26-29 May 2018 Eye Conference Activating the Archive: Audio-Visual Collections and Civic Engagement, Political Dissent and Societal Change with Faye Ginsburg and Thomas Elsaesser
  • This is Film! Film Heritage in Practice. Spring 2016, 2017 and 2018. Public lectures at EYE reflecting on exceptional film restorations and film heritage projects. Read the report in the Filmkrant.
  • Nouchka van Bakel-Day. May 2016
  • Giovanni Fossati recently joined ASCA as a special professor. She is also the Chief Curator at the  EYE Film Institute. In 2015, she organizes a conference “The Colour Fantastic: Chromatic Worlds of Silent Cinema.”
  • In 2014, ASCA Member Fouad Laroui organized a programme in collaboration with Eye Institute and sponsored by the Moroccan government: “The New Moroccan Cinema: Meet the Director”.
  • In 2013, ASCA organized an international conference “ Beyond Film” in collaboration with Eye.

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

  • 3 November 2017 Stedelijk Statement Worlding the Brain by Patricia Pisters
  • 17 March 2017 Symposium In Media Res. A Tribute to Mieke Bal/Exhibition Transgressions Nalini Malani
  • July-September 2017: The exhibition Jean Dubuffet: The Deep End curated by guest curator Dr. Sophie Berrebi, lecturer in art history at the University of Amsterdam. - Read more
  • The Moving Image in the Museum. Stedelijk University lecture series with Thomas Elsaesser. In collaboration with the Stedelijk Museum, NICA and OSK, October-December 2016.
  • Seeing Madness. Lecture by W.J.T.Mitchell at the Stedelijk Museum in collaboration with NICA and the RKD. June 2015
  • In the Winter of 2014-15, ASCA and the Stedelijk Museum organized a lecture series “Aesthetics of Crisis” with Brian Holmes, Beate Geissler and Oliver Sann.
  • In March 2014, ASCA and The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam organized the international conference “ Collecting Geographies.”
  • In 2012, ASCA and the Stedelijk Museum organized a joint lecture series “Facing Forward: Art and Theory from a Future Perspective”.

Goethe Institüt

  • In 2015: Round Table Wie Körper Erzählen Können (Talking Bodies) with Ingrid Caven, Thomas Elsaesser, Alexander Garcia Düttmann, organized by Anna Seidl.
  • In 2014, ASCA organised a conference with the Goethe Institüt: Cultural Anatomies-Walking. International Workshop and Symposium (by Anna Seidl and Ansgar Mohnkern).

Cervantes Institute


  • Selcuk Balamir and Thijs Witty receive funding from the Gemeente Amsterdam for their collaborative project De Nieuwe Meent.

  • June 2018 Black Queer Diaspora in the Netherlands - Exhibition in the Van Abbe Museum by photographer Dustin Thierry and ASCA PhD Wigbertson Julian Isenia

  • 12 March 2018 "Poetin's rechtbank/Putin's Court" and evening at De Balie
  • February 2018 onwards This Dam'd World: a series of public conversations organized by Cinema of the Dam'd (Nadia de Vries, Matt Cornell, Jacopo Fiorancio)
  • 12 December 2017 Sincerity after Communism. Public Program at Castrum Peregrini
  • 9 November 2017 The Art of Debate: Culture and the South African Public Sphere. Symposium at the Zuid-Afrikahuis
  • 5 October 2017 In Repair: Towards a Post-Throwaway Society. Symposium at Spring House
  • 5 October 2017: Comics and Psychoanalysis organized by Het Dolhuys and the Dutch Psychoanalytic Association with contributions of Erin La Cour (ASCA) and Rik Spanjers (ASCA)
  • Claudio Magris: Narrating Europe at De Balie, organized by Linda Pennings (ASCA) October 2017
  • Black Figures, Black Voices. ASCA Programme Cinema Olanda Platform Witte de With. July 2017
  • Antisemitism and Islamophobia. Public event at De Nieuwe Liefde in collaboration with the Menasseh Ben Isreal Institute. With Ella Shohat and Gloria Welkker. June 2017
  • Geo Mediations. A symposium at Mediamatic, June 2017
  • Academic Freedom Under Threat - The Case of Turkey. With Spui25, April 2017
  • ASCA Biennale Seminar: Cinema Olanda - Projecting the Netherlands in collaboration with Wendelien van Olderborgh and Lucy Cotter. September 2016-July 2017.
  • Iconoclasm: Beeldenstorm and Beyond. Symposium in collaboration with the Rijksmuseum, December 2016
  • Shakespeare. A Man for All Seasons. Symposium in Spui25 in collaboration with the British Council and the Bijzondere Collecties. December 2016
  • Re-Dreaming the Street at Droog Design in collaboration with Design+Desire. Research project commisioned by the City of Amsterdam, November 2016.
  • The Occupation of the Senses: Public Talk and Master Class with Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian. With Gate48, NICA and SECURIT. September 2016
  • The Permanent Occupation. Discussion in collaboration with Gate48 , NICA and the Haëlla Stichting. Mei 2016
  • Fashion and Philosophy. Symposium in collaboration with AMFI, Les Rencontres Places Publiques and the Ambassade de France. April 2016
  • Who's Afraid of Disability? Debates organized in collaboration with DSiN and NICA, February 2016.
  • It Gets Bitter. Debate with NY based activist duo Dark Matter organized by ASCA and NICA,  June 2015
  • Madness-Made-Art. Symposium, in collaboration with Stichting Psychiatrie en Filosofie. October 2014
  • Lecture and Master Class with Adrian Martin, in collaboration with De Filmkrant, December 2013
  • Investigative Theatre A discussion with Svetlana Sugako, Belarus Free Theatre in collaboration with Ervaar Daar Hier. December 2013
  • Theatre and Humanization. Lecture by Kassem Istanbouli (Palestinian-Lebanese theatre director) in collaboration with Dancing on the Edge Festival. November 2013
  • Television News for Promoting Interculturalism
  • Holland Festival: Symposium Luigi Nono