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ASCA Theory Seminar: Marginalized Subjects, Objects and Theories

Convernors: Esther Peeren and Jaap Kooijman. Coordinator: Eloe Kingma | ​​​​​​ First session 3 October, 15:30-18:00. | Other sessions: 7 November 2019, 12 December 2019, 13 February 2020, 9 April 2020, 4 June 2020.

Given that so many PhD projects within ASCA engage, in one way or another, with marginalization (of subjects or communities, life forms, art forms, political issues, objects and theories), this will be the focus of the 2019-2020 Theory Seminar. We will explore how marginalization has been conceptualized, how it relates to other concepts like peripheralization, invisibilization, disempowerment and oppression, what its mechanisms are and how it can be challenged. If you have suggestions for readings that would fit with this focus, please send the reference (and, if possible, a PDF) to


1st session on 7 November 2019: Disgust Suzanne and Jori volunteered to prepare the session.

2nd session in 12 December 2019: (Global) South/Southern by Tjalling, Juan, Tania, Cheng Yu (Location: PCH 404)

3rd session on 13 February 2020: The Other (Kristeva) by Marina and Valerica and one of two others (Location: OMHP C123)

4th session on 9 April 2020: Mark Fisher: eerie/spectral/ghost/anti-intellectual by Joe and Esther and one or two others  (Belle van Zuylenzaal)

5th session on 4 June 2020: Hospitality/Violence/Vulnerability by Linda, Yvette, and one or two others (Belle van Zuylenzaal)

The aim of the ASCA Theory Seminar is twofold:

First, we propose to explore broad theoretical and methodological paradigms, and discuss influential texts (suggested by the participants) in relation to ASCA PhD projects. Participants of the Theory Seminar will become acquainted with current practices in cultural analysis and learn how to integrate them in their own work.

The second important aim of the Theory Seminar is community building. The seminar aims to bring together PhD candidates from the diverse disciplines within ASCA to learn about each other’s research projects, struggles and joys, and to make new friends. To serve this latter purpose, each session will end in a café with drinks.

The ASCA Theory is a collective initiative of the PhD candidates and the ASCA directors. The ASCA directors,Esther Peeren AND Jaap Kooijman, will be involved as ‘guides’. The sessions will be prepared and chaired by a team of (two to four) PhD candidates from different disciplines. They are expected to propose preparatory readings (keep it limited) and to show how they apply them in their work. 

We want to create a regular group for all six sessions, so if you register you are making a commitment to participate in all sessions. We recommend that all PhD candidates in their first and second year follow the ASCA Theory Seminar integrally, preferably for two years. PhD candidates who are in their third year or further along are very welcome to join, too, as are ASCA staff members.

Please register for the ASCA Theory Seminar by sending an e-mail to Eloe ( with a short summary of your project (no more than 100 words) before 15 September 2019.