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ASCA Theory Seminar

Convernors: Patricia Pisters and Esther Peeren. Coordinator: Eloe Kingma

The aim of the ASCA Theory Seminar is twofold:

First, we propose to explore broad theoretical and methodological paradigms, and discuss influential texts (suggested by the participants) in relation to ASCA PhD projects. Participants of the Theory Seminar will become acquainted with current practices in cultural analysis and learn how to integrate them in their own work.

The second important aim of the Theory Seminar is community building. The seminar aims to bring together PhD candidates from the diverse disciplines within ASCA to learn about each other’s research projects, struggles and joys, and to make new friends. To serve this latter purpose, each session will end in a café with drinks.

The ASCA Theory is a collective initiative of the PhD candidates and the ASCA directors. The ASCA directors, Patricia Pisters and Esther Peeren, will be involved as ‘guides’. The sessions will be prepared and chaired by a team of (two to four) PhD candidates from different disciplines. They are expected to propose preparatory readings (keep it limited) and to show how they apply them in their work. In terms of determining the content of the sessions, the PhD community is in charge. You are invited to come up with theoretical/methodological paradigms, topics, authors or specific texts to discuss in the Theory Seminar. 

We want to create a regular group for all six sessions, so if you register you are making a commitment to participate in all sessions. We recommend that all PhD candidates in their first and second year follow the ASCA Theory Seminar integrally, preferably for two years. PhD candidates who are in their third year or further along are very welcome to join, too, as are ASCA staff members.

Please register for the ASCA Theory Seminar by sending an e-mail to Eloe ( with a short summary of your project (no more than 100 words) and a suggestion for a reading or a session topic before 5 September 2018. We will collect your suggestions and come up with a provisional program for the six sessions during the first meeting.


Gender & Queer theory
8 November, 3-6 pm, BG2, room 0.12
Session chairs: Ozge Calafato, Andres Ibarra, Laura Kirby, Maria Toscano.
Reading: Butler’s Bodies that Matter; Elizabeth Freeman's "Time Binds or Erotohistoriography".

Postmodernism, Reality in relation to City
6 December, 3-6 pm, BG2, room 0.12
Session chairs: Tania Cardoso, Thomas Dulfer, Laura van den Bergh 
Reading: Baudrillard on hyperreality, on America

Artistic practice, aesthetics and the world
28 February, 3-6 pm, Belle van Zuylen, University Library
Session chairs: Stijn Postema, Parisa Zandbaf, Josh Weeks, Oluchi Igili
Reading: Nancy on Kiarostami, Commited Perception; of Adorno on Aesthetics?

Posthumanism, New Materialism, Ecocriticism
18 April, 3-6 pm, University Theatre, room 1.01A
Session chairs: Nim Goede, Inez van der Scheer, Monique Peperkamp, Gemma Newlands
Reading: Cary Wolfe on Posthumanism, Stacy Alaimo in ‘Eros and X-Rays..Environmental Justice”  

Assemblaged of Causality, Agency, Responsibility
30 May, 3-6 pm, University Theatre, room 1.01A
Session chairs: Joe van der Eerden, Juan Montoya, Gerrit Schaafsma, Linda Xheza
Reading:  Jane Bennet’s The Agency of Assemblages and the North American Blackout


Times and locations:

  • 27 September, 5-7 pm - Bushuis, VOC room
  • 8 November, 3-6 pm - BG2, room 0.12
  • 6 December, 3-6 pm - BG2, room 0.12
  • 28 February, 3-6 pm - UB, Belle van Zuylen
  • 18 April, 3-6 pm - University Theatre, room 1.01A
  •  30 May, 3-6 - University Theatre, room 1.01A