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Recurrent seminars in the ASCA program are the ASCA Theory Seminar, the ASCA Cities Seminar, and other seminars.

  • ASCA Theory Seminar: Urgent Matters

    Organized by Esther Peeren and Jaap Kooijman. Coordinated by Eloe Kingma, | Participants of the Theory Seminar will become acquainted with current practices in cultural analysis and learn how to integrate them in their own work.

  • (Post)Pandemic Urbanism

    In the 2020-21 ASCA Cities seminar, we will consider recent developments in urban life in the wake of the ongoing global pandemic. In taking up this theme, we are particularly interested in examining the intersections between digital technologies and contemporary urban environments, from the vantage point of creative, cultural, aesthetic and political practices. 

  • The Ecology of Forms

    This year, the ASCA Political Ecologies Seminar consists of a curriculum and speaker series on “The Ecology of Forms.” Through reading groups, masterclasses, and public lectures from international scholars and artists engaged in the creative and theoretical study of ecological relation and crisis, this year’s seminar will move through distinct but overlapping forms that focalize contestation and collectivity across a multitude of vectors: economic, legal, environmental, architectural, infrastructural, cultural, and so on.

    For registration or further information, please contact the organisers, Jeff Diamanti and Joost de Bloois (

  • Artistic Research

    The Artistic Research Research Group focuses on Artistic Research as a new approach to tackling research questions and it aims at promoting the exchange of ideas between artists and scholars from a wide range of fields and disciplines. 

  • Moving Images: Preservation, Curation, Exhibition

    Organized by the research group ‘Moving Images’, which brings together scholars and professionals concerned with the preservation, curation and exhibition of moving images. Coordinators: Floris Paalman and Giovanni Fossati. Contact: Floris Paalman. | Participants share the common goal of bridging theory and practice: research concerns concrete cultural and economic praxes, but is also geared towards informing those, both through scholarly insights and tools developed as part of public-private partnerships.

  • This is Film!

    Public lecture series This is Film! on recycling, re-using and remixing archival film

    This is Film! Film Heritage in Practice is an annual public lecture series with international guest speakers and remarkable archival footage. Together with invited guests, each of the six sessions will touch upon different forms of creative archival reuse: from compilation film to audiovisual immersive VJ set, from controversial 3D film to real-time VR experience.

  • Film in Context Series

    Organized by Karen Sztajnberg (ASCA)

    January 18, February 15,March 15, April 12, May 1, 2021

    This is a guest speaker series about film and television as dynamically evolving media. We will attempt to offer researchers an in-depth look at different facets of the creative craft, the distribution and exhibition aspects always establishing connections between the guest and topic to our emphasis on cultural analysis.

    As the ways in which we consume and think of audio-visual media evolves, we will bring our critical lens towards a vaster debate on the transformations under way.

  • Critical Cultural Theory Seminar

    What do we need to still argue for a normative concept of culture or good life? How is it reconcilable with the liberal-democratic and “postmodern” pluralism of ways of living and thinking? How does critique work at all under conditions where there are no transcendent criteria any more? What is the distinct value of certain forms of art for philosophy and society? Can we learn something from certain cultural phenomena – be it from distinct art, pop-art or everyday life - about our epoch? And, finally, what is the specific value of the Humanities for societal self-reflection?

  • Aurality: Musical Modes of Knowledge Inscription

    Music and Culture Seminar organized by Barbara Titus | Keywords: aurality, sound studies, epistemic privilege, musicking, postcolonial studies | Programme: t.b.a. | The seminar intends to raise questions about technologies of transmission, dissemination and inscription of knowledge (sounds, imagery, speech, writing, performance, etc.) and the material on which they inscribe: memories, (human) bodies, paper, hard drives, or songs.