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ASCA Reading Groups

ASCA supports reading groups initiated by staff and PhD candidates in the field.

  • Reading Group Media & Performance

    Organized by Kati Röttger (k.e.rö | The group aims to share extensive lectures of theoretical texts that touch upon key concepts and methodologies in the field of Performance-and Media Research. | First meeting 30 August 2019.

  • ASCA Trans-Asia cultural studies reading group

    Organized by Jeroen de Kloet ( | The ASCA Trans-Asia cultural studies reading group aims to bring scholars in The Netherlands together who are working on issues related to "Asia," to read and discuss key texts as well as each other’s work. 

  • Marxist Reading Group

    Organized by Jan Overwijk ( | Reading plans are flexible and are to be decided by the participants at each meeting.

  • Aesthetics and Politics in Critical Theory

    Organized by Dr Ben Moore (, Marc Farrant (, and Steyn Bergs ( | This reading group will explore a selection of seminal, and some lesser-known, works within twentieth and twenty-first century critical and cultural theory, with an emphasis on the intersection between the aesthetic and the political. 

  • Gender and Philosophy Reading Group

    In the first semester of 2020-2021, the reading group focusses on conceptualizations of masculinity and masculinities.

    The readings are selected around the following host of questions: How should we conceptualize masculinity? Should we adopt a pluralist conception of masculinities and what would that be? What sort of thing is masculinity and where (if at all) is the difference to maleness, manliness, or manhood? Should we conceptualize masculinity as something that a person has or as something else? What is its relation to domination? What is its relation to bodily characteristics of what sort? How does masculinity relate to men both individually and at the aggregate level? Is there a racialized/classed/etc. dimension to masculinity? What sort of normative stances can or should we take towards masculinities?

    Meetings are monthly on the second-to-last Friday of the month, at 1600-1800 hours, Amsterdam time. The location is online. 

    Please email Alex ( at any time to participate, co-organize, or receive more information.

    The plan for the first semester is:

    18 September: Stoltenberg / Bordo
    23 October: Connell
    20 November: Hearn
    18 December: Curry

  • Bernard Stiegler Study Group

    The study group will offer participants the opportunity to familiarise themselves with Stiegler’s thought through close readings of a selection of his texts. We will ask ourselves how to ‘care’ for Stiegler’s ideas and legacy, and to put these to use in contemporary critical theory and cultural analysis. 

  • Radical Right Reading Group

    Reading Group organized by Marc Tuters and Daniel de Zeeuw 

    In the aftermath of the global populist insurgency as well as the reported decline in commitment to democratic values amongst youth in "advanced" liberal societies, this reading group focuses on radical right-wing political philosophy.