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ASCA Reading Groups

ASCA supports reading groups initiated by staff and PhD candidates in the field.

  • Reading Group Media & Performance

    Organized by Kati Röttger (k.e.rö | The group aims to share extensive lectures of theoretical texts that touch upon key concepts and methodologies in the field of Performance-and Media Research. | First meeting 30 August 2019.

  • ASCA Trans-Asia cultural studies reading group

    Organized by Jeroen de Kloet ( | The ASCA Trans-Asia cultural studies reading group aims to bring scholars in The Netherlands together who are working on issues related to "Asia," to read and discuss key texts as well as each other’s work. 

  • Women in Theory

    Organized by Nadia de Vries ( | The reading group aims to look beyond the usual texts pertaining to major theoretical frameworks, and consider the (often underrepresented) perspectives of non-male (and non-white) theorists.

  • Marxist Reading Group

    Organized by Jan Overwijk ( | Reading plans are flexible and are to be decided by the participants at each meeting.

  • Aesthetics and Politics in Critical Theory

    Organized by Dr Ben Moore (, Marc Farrant (, and Steyn Bergs ( | This reading group will explore a selection of seminal, and some lesser-known, works within twentieth and twenty-first century critical and cultural theory, with an emphasis on the intersection between the aesthetic and the political. 

  • Gender and Ontology Reading Group

    Organized by Alex Thinius ( | The reading group (re)reads classical and contemporary paradigmatic approaches to what it is to be of a gender, what it is to be gendered, what genders are etc. The aim is a deeper understanding of different options for understanding what gender is.

  • Unthinking CPC: Colonialism, Patriarchy, and Capitalism

    Organizers: Inez Blanca van der Scheer & Tjalling R. Valdés Olmos. | In this ASCA Reading Group we focus on readings from queer/feminist of color and decolonial genealogies of thinking/theory, artistic practice, and activism to analyse and unthink CPC: Colonialism, Patriarchy, and Capitalism.  

  • Phenomenology Reading Group

    The reading group starts on Monday 23-09 where we will discuss the translator's introduction (i - lxvii of the aforementioned book). We will meet on a monthly basis from then on. Please email us at if you would like to participate or if you have any questions concerning this initiative.