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ASCA PhD Candidates

Peyman Amiri

Carceral (P)Artisanry

Supervisors | Robin Celikates & Guy Geltner

Artyom Anikin

Deciphering the Cultural Palimpsest of New Amsterdam

Supervisor | Esther Peeren, Frans Blom and Lia van Gemert

Benoit Antille

The Artist as Expert: A Critical Research on the Project Economy

Supervisors: Jeroen Boomgaard, Mia Lerm-Hayes

Anthi Argyriou

Mediterranean Drifts|The Aesthetics and Politics of Contemporary Art in Greece in the Context of the Refugee Crisis 

Supervisors | Maria Boletsi, Esther Peeren

Arnoud Arps

Remembering Violence: Cultural memory, popular culture and the Indonesian War of Independence

Supervisers: Jeroen de Kloet, Leonie Schmidt

Samaneh Assadi-Nowghabi

The Interaction Between Women's Real Life Role in Society and the Roles they are Given in Iranian Cinema After the Islamic Revolution 1979

Supervisors: Maryn Wilkinson & Patricia Pisters

Selcuk Balamir

Beyond the commodity-machine: The production of the common in post-capitalist design cultures

Supervisor | Joost de Bloois

Bart Barnard

The Relationship Between Art and Technology

Supervisor | René Boomkens

Nil Baskar

Between Destruction and Preservation: The Economics of Cinematographic Memory in the Digital Age

Supervisor | Giovanna Fossati

Shekoufeh Behbehani

Cinema and Gender Politics in Contemporary Iran: Subversive or Co-extensive

Supervisors: Murat Aydemir, Gerard Wiegers

Bjorn Beijnon

Schizophrenia and the Construction of Reality: Experiencing Subjectivities through Virtual Reality.

Supervisor: Patricia Pisters, Gaston Franssen

Laura van den Bergh

Curating the City-Cultures of Europe: Analysing the cultural identities of cities through the European Capitals of Culture programme

Supervisors | Murray Pratt, Margriet Schavemaker

Suzanne Biewinga

Values in Old Age, in Search of a New semantic Space

Supervisor | Rene Boomkens

Anna van Blijdenstein

Islam and Judaism, Muslims and Jews in Contemporary "Dutch Enlightenment", in Light of Their Genealogies in Modern Political Philosophy

Supervisor | Yolande Jansen

Rossitsa Borkowski

After Emmanuel Levinas: The ethics and poetics of literary (artistic) experience

Supervisor | Josef Früchtl

Erik Borra

Rethinking the Web as a Source of Data

Supervisor | Richard Rogers

Anke Bosma

Imagining the Rural in Contemporary Dutch Culture

Supervisors | Esther Peeren, Hanneke Stuit

Jelke Bosma

The Urban Opportunities and Challenges of Airbnb

Supervisors | Niels van Doorn, Rivke Jaffe

Emine Bostanci

The Development of Instrumental Music in Ottoman/Turkish Maqam Music: Experimental Studies Between the Years 1940 - 2000

Supervisors: Julia Kursell, Barbara Titus, Anne van Oostrum

Carla Botha

Pre-and post-apartheid creative writing:  An exploration of selective Afrikaans poetry during a revolutionary period of turmoil

Supervisor: Margriet van der Waal

Pieter Bots

Assessment of Artistic Quality

Supervisor | René Boomkens

Alice Breemen

Between Thinking and Doing: Performance Philosophy as perspective for analysing audience’s changing role in artistic events and democracy

Supervisor: Kati Röttger

Tamara Browne

Ghost Materialities in Cinema

Supervisors: Esther Peeren, Ernst van Alphen

Lonnie van Brummelen

Drifting Studio Practice. Return of the making in the thinking

Supervisor | Patricia Pisters, Henk Slager

Ozge Calafato

Modernity, Memory and Identity: Vernacular Photographs from Turkey

Supervisor: Esther Peeren

Wouter Capitain

Edward Said's Musical Concepts

Supervisor | Julia Kursell

Tânia Alexandra Esteves Fernandes Cardoso

The illustrated cityscape: imperfect lines of urban exploration

Supervisors | Emilie Sitzia, Carolyn Birdsall

Chiara Cartuccia

Historical Body:Recovering Lost Narratives and Negated Memories in Contemporary Performance Art from Africa and the Mediterranean

Supervisors: Mia Lerm-Hayes & Marga van Mechelen

Adam Chambers

The Moving Canvas: Images Between Photography, Film, and Painting

Supervisor | Murat Aydemir

Leila Cherribi

Vernacular Disruptions: Reading Postcolonial Literature in Dutch

Supervisor | Ieme van der Poel

Karin Christof

The Citizen Professional as New Co-Actor in Urban Space Production

Supervisor | René Boomkens

Stephen Clark

Apocalyptic Reckoning and Visualizations of Obligation: A Genealogy of Debt and Its Representations in Art, Media and Culture

Supervisors: Joyce Goggin, Carrol Clarkson

Erdem Çolak

Creating New Europe via Contemporary Art in Post-Wall Era: Examining Manifesta - European Biennial of Contemporary Art in the Context of Intermingled Relationships between Art, Society and Politics

Supervisors: Mia Lerm-Hayes,  Johan Hartle

Matt Cornell

Manchildren, Adult Babies and Adultescents: The Infantile in Liquid Modernity.

Supervisor | Mireille Rosello, Robin Celikates

Koert Damveld

Music, Musicians and the War of the Spanish Succession

Supervisor | Julia Kursell

Vincent DeLuca

Witnesses to Revoltution: Documentary Film, Multitude, and Global Democracy in the 21st Century

Supervisor | Patricia Pisters

Zoénie Liwen Deng

The Critical Implications of Socially Engaged Art Concerning Urbanisation in Contemporary China

Supervisor: Jeroen de Kloet

Nadica Denić

Cinematic Ethics of Migration: Auto-Ethnographic Migrant Perspectives in Contemporary Documentary Film.

Supervisors: Patricia Pisters, Carolyn Birdsall

Els Diekerhof

Practices and Principles of Journalistic Information Gathering and Verification in the Digital Age

Supervisor: Mark Deuze

Joanne Dijkman

Bauhaus, Black Mountain College and the ‘Free International University’ (FIU): A History of radical experiments in higher arts education

Supervisors: Rene Boomkens 

Nadia Drescher-Lambertus

Island Imbroglios. Aruban Issues and Publics on Facebook

Supervisor | Richard Rogers

Tomas Dulfer

Cinematic Construct Amsterdam: Amsterdam as Filming Location in International Postwar Film

Supervisors: Eef Masson & Patricia Pisters

Joe van der Eerden

The Politics of Depression. A critical analysis of the political-epistemological limits of major depressive disorder

Supervisors: Patricia Pisters, Julian Kiverstein

Argyrios Emmanouloudis

From the Vastness of the Web to Mainstream Production and Vice-Versa: Fan Idenities, User-Generated Content and Produser Communities

Supervisors | Carrol Clakson and Joyce Goggin

Rebecca Erickson

Middlebrow Musical Misogyny

Supervisors: Julia Kursell, Barbara Titus

Charles Esche

From Experimental Institutionalism to the Demodern Museum: Experimentation and Self-Reflection in Visual Art Institutions from 1989 to the present.

Supervisors | Mia Lerm-Hayes and Joost de Bloois

Omar Escobar

In the heights of a new Broadway style and the troubles of engaging audiences in the 21st. century:  Revitalizing musical theatre.

Supervisors | Kati Rottger

Femke Essink

Adaptation and the Heritage of the Sixties

Supervisor | Thomas Vaessens & Gaston Franssen

Harold García Rodríguez

La soberanía del vacío: Abe, Blanchot, Elizondo

Supervisor: Shelley Godsland

David Gauthier

"Errors": Exposing theTechno-Scientific Overcoding of Subjects

Supervisor | Robin Boast

Marloes Geboers

The Visual Language of News on Social Media

Supervisor: Richard Rogers

Valerica van der Geld-Dodan

Between memory and imagination: Homecoming in Aharon Appelfeld’s and Eva Hoffman’s autobiographies and fiction

Supervisors: Irene E. Zwiep and Yaniv Hagbi

Nim Goede

Thinking the Brain through Art and Neuroscience

Supervisor: Patricia Pisters, Machiel Keestra

Hein Goeyens

Intermedial Staging of Video in Theatre

Supervisor | Kati Röttger 

Moosje Goosen

Missing Limbs

Supervisor | Esther Peeren & Patricia Pisters 

Avery Gosfield

Fare Musica Antica (Ebraica) reinventing a usable past

Supervisors | Julia Kursell, Irene Zwiep, Barbara Titus

Jan de Groot

Corporate Collections as Emerging Heritage: Art Market Dynamics, Corporate Strategies, and Public Support for the Arts

Supervisors | Arnold Witte, Nachoem Wijnberg

Sal Hagen

“Is this /ourguy/?”: Tracing Political Identity Formation within Anonymous Online Subcultures.

Supervisor | Bernhard Rieder

Esther Hammelburg

Liveness coming to life. The mediatised experience of cultural events

Supervisors: Thomas Poell, Jeroen de Kloet, José van Dijck

Lonneke van Heugten

Festival curation in the forcefield of international prestige and national heritage

Supervisor | Kati Rottger

Andrés Ibarra Cordero

Queer Chronotopes in Contemporary Fiction 

Supervisors: Shelley Godsland & Murat Aydemir

Oluchi Joyce Igili

Towards Emplacing Authentic Political Theatre in Nigeria

Supervisor | Kati Rottger

Liao Hong Fai

Film and Deleuze

Supervisor | Jeroen de Kloet & Patricia Pisters 

Pengnan Hu

China’s global cinema: state-driven film-related co-operations with BRI countries.

Supervisors: Jeroen de Kloet , Patricia Pisters

Julian Isenia

Non-heteronormative Cultural Practices of Sexual Citizenship in Curaçao and Bonaire under Conditions of (Post)Coloniality

Supervisors: Sruti Bala & Rivke Jaffe

Noriko Ishida

Sanskritic Metres in Old and Modern Javanese: A Study of Their Musical and Literary Features

Supervisors | Julia Kursell, Barbara Titus

Anna Katrine Jørgensen

Wikipedia as first draft of history

Supervisors: Richard Rogers

Edit Kaldor

The Many and the Form: Methods for Participatory Practices in Contemporary Theatre

Supervisor: Kati Rottger

Vagia Kalfa

The ‘lesbian continuum’ in Greek literature of the 20th and 21st centuries

Supervisors: Maria Boletsi and Elizabeth Arseniou

Simone Kalkman

Art in a Divided City: The Representation of the Rio de Janeiro Favela in Participatory Art Projects.

Supervisor | Christoph Lindner

Tom Kayzel 

How everything became economics: The rise of the CPB and economic thinking in Dutch political debates.

Supervisor: Huub Dijstelbloem, Frederica Russo

Becky Kazansky

Constructing threats and Modelling Security in a Data Risk Society

Supervisor | Stefania Milan & Marieke de Goede

Mary Finley Keller

Belief and the Will

Supervisors |  Franz Berto and Christian Skirke

Jakko Kemper

Dutch Design, Glitches, Misfits: Why Western Europeans Crave the Imperfect.

Supervisor: Ellen Rutten, Marie-Aude Baronian

Ian Kenny

Anthropomythos: the quest for meaning in times of ecological crisis

Supervisors: Nial Martin, Boris Noordenbos, Esther Peeren

Laura Kirby

An Exploration of Gendered Vulnerability in Spanish Literature

Supervisors: Shelley Godsland, John Garrido Ardila

Erik Kluitenberg

Media Swarms - Sef-Mediation, Affect, and Emergent Forms of Political Assciation in the "Movements of the Squares

Supervisor | Richard Rogers

Fani Konstantinidou

The Making of Composers

Supervisor | Julia Kursell 

Roya Khoshneviss Ansari

Crude Oil, Political Identities: The Oil-Encounter in Modern Iranian Fiction

Supervisors: Esther Peeren , Ernst van Alphen

Halbe Kuipers

The Exhausted Self

Supervisors: Patricia Pisters and E. Manning

Pablo Muruzábal Lamberti

Apprentices of Listening - Listening as a dialogical virtue and skill in primary education

Supervisors: Josef fruchtl, Anders Schinkel, Chiel van der Veen

Noortje de Leij

The Foundations of Criticism: The Case of October

Supervisors | Johan Hartle, Mia Lerm Hayes, Sven Lütticken

Timea Lelik

From Concept to Image: The Painted Portrait in the 20th Century and After. The Portraits of Edvard Munch, Francis Bacon, and Marlene Dumas

Supervisors | Mia Lerm-Hayes and Ernst van Alphen

Patricia Llorens

Between Europe and North Africa: Contemporary Francophone Jewish writers rom the Maghreb

Supervisor | Ieme van der Poel

Conor Lorigan


Supervisor Misha Kavka, Stephen Turner, Carl TH Mika

Flora Lysen

Brainmedia: One Hundred Years of Performing Live Brains1920–2020 

Supervisor | Patricia Pisters, Rob Zwijnenberg

Tycho Maas

Exchanging Tales of War: Imagined Communities and Negotiation of Identities in ographical Writings of the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902)

Supervisors | Ena Jansen & Rone Foster (Stellenbosch University)

Geli Mademli

Towards an Alternative Database Management System: Structuring Film Archives as Social Networks

Supervisor | Robin Boast, Giovanna Fossati

Samantha McCulloch 

Modes of Possession: The Production of Subjectivity and Property in the Cape Colony and its Eastern Frontier, 1856-1913

Supervisors: Carrol Clarkson & Margriet van der Waal

Maral Mohsenin

Between Preservation and Exhibition: Debates on Digital Technology in European Film Archives

Supervisors: Giovanna Fossati & Benoit Turguety

Marie Molins

Genealogical study of digital images.

Supervisors | Annet Dekker and Julia Noordegraaf

Juan David Montoya Alzate

Caribbean Music Palimpsests: Embodied Action and Cultural Transmission

Supervisors | Julia Kursell, Barbara Titus

Marina Morello de Ravestijn

Lessons from Glyptodon morelloi: A biography of Jorge Helios Morello Wyler

Supervisors: Shelley Godsland and Ana Maria de Costa Toscano

Stephanie Morin

Politics as Vehicle of Art: A Study of the Patronage Networks Linking the Italian Transavangardia Movement to the Italian Socialist Party

Supervisors: Mia Lerm-Hayes & Gregor Langfeld

Eva Mos

Alternatives to the Corporate Sharing Economy

Supervisor | Niels van Doorn

Erica Moukarzel

Marking Memory on a Plate: Food Narratives from the Middle East

Supervisors: Esther Peeren and Noa Roei

Nicolas Bernardo Muños Saldaña

Performing theory: Radical creative machines for post-capitalist politics in Chile's Multitude.

Supervisors:  Kati Röttger, Joost de Bloois

Divya Nadkarni

Sociopoetics and ‘forms’ of political engagement

Supervisors: Ellen Rutten & Josef Fruchtl

Alexandra Nakelski

The Uprising of Auspicious Apocalypse in US and UK Popular Culture

Supervisors: Patricia Pisters & Jaap Kooijman & Maryn Wilkinson

Shahin Nasiri

Rethinking the Notion of Freedom from the Perspective of the Refugee

Supervisors: Robin Celikates & Yolande Jansen

Arjen Nauta

Governing through Reality TV in China: The case of Hunan TV

Supervisors: Jeroen de Kloet, José van Dijck

Gemma Newlands

Finding Human Dignity in the Digital Economy: Digital Reification, Mediation, and Algorithmic Management in the Platform-Mediated Work

Supervisors | Mark Deuze, Christian Fieseler (BI Norwegian Business School) 

Dan Oki

Infinite Regression in Autobiographic Cinema

Supervisors: Patricia Pisters, Laurent van Lancker

Marjolein Oomen

The Social Value of Public Libraries 

Supervisor | Frank Huysman

Suzanne Oskam

Future Literature: Reading Skills in the Age of Digital Media

Supervisors: Thomas Vaessens, Ernst van Alphen

Jan Overwijk

Post-rationalization: Openness in Contemporary Social Organization

Supervisors | René Boomkens, Robin Celikates

Nur Ozgenalp

Cyborgization and Decyborgization

Supervisor | Patricia Pisters

João Luís Paixão

The language of the passions – Towards an understanding of passion communication and elicitation on the English stage 1753-1806

Supervisor: Kati Röttger

Rowan Parry

Independent Chinese Documentary

Supervisors: Jeroen de Kloet, Esther Peeren

Monique Peperkamp

Past Nature in Contemporary Art and New Materialisms. How Art and Philosophy Interact

Supervisors: Mia Lerm-Hayes & Mirjam van Rijsingen

Simeona Petkova

Natively Digital Datasets of Memory

Supervisor | Richard Rogers 

Julie Phillips

The Baby on the Fire Escape: Motherhood and Creativity

Supervisor: Carrol Clarkson 

Marjolein Platjee

Refusing the Macabre Dance

Supervisor | Carrol Clarkson, Tara MacDonald 

Stijn Postema

Journalism as Artistic Practice

Supervisors | Mark Deuze, Jan van der Stoep

Alexandre Poulin

Gift Economy in Contemporary "Artivism"

Supervisors | Joost de Bloois, Mireille Rosello

Susanna Puente Matos

The God of Holland: Pyke Koch and the Abendland Aesthetic of Magical Realism

Supervisors | Mia Lerm-Hayes and Ernst van Alphen

Fabienne Rachmadiev

Sublime Imperfections: Post-Soviet Trash Aestetics

Supervisors: Joost de Bloois, Ellen Rutten

Timon Ramaker

The Reflective Journalist

Supervisor | Mark Deuze

Lucia Rive

Breaking Digital Ground: The potential of queer world-making online.

Supervisors: Misha Kavka, Thomas Poell

Andrew James Roberts

Republicanism, Privacy and the Criminal Process

Supervisor | Beate Roessler

Nadine Roestenburg

Let's Get Physical? Post-Digital Discourse and Artistic Practices

Supervisors: Ellen Rutten & Katja Kwastek

Seth Nathaniel Rogoff

The Politics of thye Dreamscape

Supervisors: Esther Peeren & Thomas Vaessens

Daan Roovers

Public Opinion in the Age of the Digital Public Sphere. A public philosophical approach to the expression and forming of opinions

Supervisors: Yolande Jansen and Robin Celikates

Alix Rubsaam

Humanist Boundaries in Posthuman Practice: Technology as Nonhuman Other

Supervisors | Mireille Rosello, Murat Aydemir

Natalia Sanchez Querubin

Pain and Software: Programming, Sharing, Animating and Editing Pain in Digital Culture

Supervisor | Richard Rogers

Eva Sancho Rodriguez

Understanding New Political Attitudes of Romanticism and Cosmopolitanism

Supervisor | Josef Früchtl & Patricia Pisters & Robin Celikates

Elena Sarno

Playful Filmmaking: Ludic Practices in Cinema

Supervisors | Patricia Pisters, Toni Pape

Gerrit Schaafsma

Contestation in the Anthropocene: Globalised Disobedience and Climate Justice

Supervisors | Robin Celikates and Beate Roessler

Bianka-Isabell Scharmann

Fashion as Moving Image: Dancing Figures, Swirling Fabrics

Supervisor: Marie-Aude Baronian

Inez Blanca van der Scheer

Human at the Crossroads of Decolonization and Ecocriticism: a Caribbean Discourse

Supervisors | Yolande Jansen and Joost de Bloois

Vincent Seminck

Friendship and enmity in Nietzsche and Schmitt

Supervisors | Jozef Fruchtl and Marc de Wilde

Nergiz Açiksoz Senem

Docile Clones

Supervisor | Josef Früchtl

Jori Snels

Gazing Ahead: China’s Imagined Futures in Digital Art. 

Supervisor | Jeroen de Kloet

Ira Solomatina

Impacts of globalisation upon women’s fashion in contemporary urban India, on the  example of Mumbai

Supervisors | Christine Delhaye, Rene Boomkens

Robert Steltenpool

Age Group Identities and the Aging Body in 1920s Literary Culture

Supervisor | Rudolph Glitz

Lelia Tavakoli Farsooni

Imagining the Rural in Contemporary British Culture

Supervisors | Esther Peeren, Hanneke Stuit

Miguel Tavera

Murmuring Springs (El Murmurar de las Fuentes).

Supervisors | Shelley Godsland

Niels Ten Oever

Net of Rights

Supervisors | Stefania Milan & Richard Rogers

Guillén Torres

Everyday Acts of Institutional Resistance to Civic Empowerment: an Analysis of the Relations Between Data Activists, the State, and Public Sector Information & Open Data

Supervisors: Stefania Milan & Richard Rogers

Alexander Thinius

What Does it Mean to be of a Particular Gender? Critical Essentialism in Philosophy of Gender.

Supervisors: Beate Rössler & Robin Celikates

José Teunissen

Globalization and the new appearance of fashion

Supervisor | René Boomkens

Gonca Turgen

Homelessness at Home in Contemporary Cinema of Turkey after 2013

Supervisors | Esther Peeren, Maryn Wilkinson

Tjalling Valdés Olmos

Imagining the Rural in Contemporary American Culture

Supervisors | Esther Peeren, Jaap Kooijman

Alexander Venetis

Consciousness in the Modernist Novel: A Concept-Historical Approach

Supervisors: Carrol Clarkson, Rudolph Glitz

Stacey Vorster

South Africa's Constitutional Court Art Collection: Curating Post-apartheid

Supervisor: Carrol Clarkson

Nadia de Vries

Bodies in (E)Motion: The Physical Corpse in Virtual Space

Supervisors: Ellen Rutten & Esther Peeren

Shaun de Waal

Writing Selfhood: Autobiography in South Africa since liberation

Supervisors: Prof Carrol Clarskson and Prof David Attwell (York)

Josh Weeks

Roberto Bolaño and the Neoliberal Labyrinth

Supervisors: Shelley Godsland, Hanneke Stuit

Kersti Wissenbach

Governance from the grassroots: A critical community study of transnational civic tech activism

Supervisor | Stefania Milan & Richard Rogers

Hao Wong

Social Network Sites and Privacy.

Supervisors: Beate Roessler & Robin Celikates

Yvette Wong

Being wenyi qingnian: A study of youth and creativity in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and mainland China

Supervisors: Jeroen de Kloet and Leonie Schmidt

Ermelinda Xheza

The Representation of the Refugee Crisis on the British and Greek Media. Did the mainstream media raise discourses of ethical responsibility towards the refugees?

Supervisor: Sudeep Dasgupta, José van Dijck

Özgür Yalçın

Radical Disobedience: An Agonistic Praxis Against Anti-Pluralism

Supervisors: Robin Celikates, Yolande Jansen, Erdoğan Yıldırım

Nine Eglantine Yamamoto-Masson

Navigating the Zone: Cinematic Phantomachia and Uncanny Spaces of Radical Otherness in Narratives of Trauma in Post-War Auteur Cinema

Supervisor | Patricia Pisters

Chuhan Yang

Entangled Landscape: Seeing Through Ruins in Chinese and European Art and Visual Culture

Supervisors | Ernst van Alphen and Jeroen de Kloet

Fan Yang

Chinese women’s cinema in mainland China in the 21st century

Supervisor | Misha Kavka

Sara Zampieri

A Study on the Relationship between Photography and Knowledge

Supervisor | Franz Berto & Josef Früchtl

Parisa Zandbaf

From the ‘cut’ to the ‘Imaginary’: How the Cinema of Abbas Kiarostami Encourages the  Audience to Imagine

Supervisors: Josef Früchtl, Abe Geil