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ASCA PhD Candidates

Peyman Amiri

Carceral (P)Artisanry

Supervisors | Robin Celikates & Guy Geltner

Tarik Abdelouarith

In Search of Lost Space: Of Space-consciousness and self-projection in Maghrebi Literature

Supervisor | Ieme van der Poel

Artyom Anikin

Deciphering the Cultural Palimpsest of New Amsterdam

Supervisor | Esther Peeren, Frans Blom and Lia van Gemert

Benoit Antille

The Artist as Expert: A Critical Research on the Project Economy

Supervisors: Jeroen Boomgaard, Mia Lerm-Hayes

Sofia Apostolidou

Embodying Modernization: Representation of Fat Women in Modern Greek Culture

Supervisors | Mireille Rosello, Murat Aydemir, Jules Sturm

Anthi Argyriou

Mediterranean Drifts|The Aesthetics and Politics of Contemporary Art in Greece in the Context of the Refugee Crisis 

Supervisors | Maria Boletsi, Esther Peeren

Arnoud Arps

Remembering Violence: Cultural memory, popular culture and the Indonesian War of Independence

Supervisers: Jeroen de Kloet, Leonie Schmidt

Samaneh Assadi-Nowghabi

The Interaction Between Women's Real Life Role in Society and the Roles they are Given in Iranian Cinema After the Islamic Revolution 1979

Supervisors: Maryn Wilkinson & Patricia Pisters

Selcuk Balamir

Beyond the commodity-machine: The production of the common in post-capitalist design cultures

Supervisor | Joost de Bloois

Bart Barnard

The Relationship Between Art and Technology

Supervisor | René Boomkens

Nil Baskar

Between Destruction and Preservation: The Economics of Cinematographic Memory in the Digital Age

Supervisor | Giovanna Fossati

Natasha Basu

States, Borders and Subaltern Citizens: Transformations of Transnational Civil Disobedience

Supervisor: Robin Celikates, Beate Roessler

Shekoufeh Behbehani

Cinema and Gender Politics in Contemporary Iran: Subversive or Co-extensive

Supervisors: Murat Aydemir, Gerard Wiegers

Laura van den Bergh

Curating the City-Cultures of Europe: Analysing the cultural identities of cities through the European Capitals of Culture programme

Supervisors | Murray Pratt, Margriet Schavemaker

Suzanne Biewinga

Values in Old Age, in Search of a New semantic Space

Supervisor | Rene Boomkens

Anna van Blijdenstein

Islam and Judaism, Muslims and Jews in Contemporary "Dutch Enlightenment", in Light of Their Genealogies in Modern Political Philosophy

Supervisor | Yolande Jansen

Rossitsa Borkowski

After Emmanuel Levinas: The ethics and poetics of literary (artistic) experience

Supervisor | Josef Früchtl

Erik Borra

Rethinking the Web as a Source of Data

Supervisor | Richard Rogers

Anke Bosma

Imagining the Rural in Contemporary Dutch Culture

Supervisors | Esther Peeren, Hanneke Stuit

Jelke Bosma

The Urban Opportunities and Challenges of Airbnb

Supervisors | Niels van Doorn, Rivke Jaffe

Carla Botha

Pre-and post-apartheid creative writing:  An exploration of selective Afrikaans poetry during a revolutionary period of turmoil

Supervisor: Margriet van der Waal

Pieter Bots

Assessment of Artistic Quality

Supervisor | René Boomkens

Alice Breemen

Between Thinking and Doing: Performance Philosophy as perspective for analysing audience’s changing role in artistic events and democracy

Supervisor: Kati Röttger

Lonnie van Brummelen

Drifting Studio Practice. Return of the making in the thinking

Supervisor | Patricia Pisters, Henk Slager

Ozge Calafato

Modernity, Memory and Identity: Vernacular Photographs from Turkey

Supervisor: Esther Peeren

Wouter Capitain

Edward Said's Musical Concepts

Supervisor | Julia Kursell

Tânia Alexandra Esteves Fernandes Cardoso

The illustrated cityscape: imperfect lines of urban exploration

Supervisors | Emilie Sitzia, Carolyn Birdsall

Chiara Cartuccia

Historical Body:Recovering Lost Narratives and Negated Memories in Contemporary Performance Art from Africa and the Mediterranean

Supervisors: Mia Lerm-Hayes & Marga van Mechelen

Bernardo Caycedo

Online Anonymous Disobedience and the Politics of Apprearance

Supervisors: Robin Celikates, Beate Roessler

Adam Chambers

The Moving Canvas: Images Between Photography, Film, and Painting

Supervisor | Murat Aydemir

Leila Cherribi

Vernacular Disruptions: Reading Postcolonial Literature in Dutch

Supervisor | Ieme van der Poel

Karin Christof

The Citizen Professional as New Co-Actor in Urban Space Production

Supervisor | René Boomkens

Stephen Clark

Apocalyptic Reckoning and Visualizations of Obligation: A Genealogy of Debt and Its Representations in Art, Media and Culture

Supervisors: Joyce Goggin, Carrol Clarkson

Erdem Çolak

Creating New Europe via Contemporary Art in Post-Wall Era: Examining Manifesta - European Biennial of Contemporary Art in the Context of Intermingled Relationships between Art, Society and Politics

Supervisors: Mia Lerm-Hayes,  Johan Hartle

Matt Cornell

Manchildren, Adult Babies and Adultescents: The Infantile in Liquid Modernity.

Supervisor | Mireille Rosello, Robin Celikates

Koert Damveld

Music, Musicians and the War of the Spanish Succession

Supervisor | Julia Kursell

Vincent DeLuca

Witnesses to Revoltution: Documentary Film, Multitude, and Global Democracy in the 21st Century

Supervisor | Patricia Pisters

Zoénie Liwen Deng

The Critical Implications of Socially Engaged Art Concerning Urbanisation in Contemporary China

Supervisor: Jeroen de Kloet

Els Diekerhof

Practices and Principles of Journalistic Information Gathering and Verification in the Digital Age

Supervisor: Mark Deuze

Nadia Drescher-Lambertus

Island Imbroglios. Aruban Issues and Publics on Facebook

Supervisor | Richard Rogers

Tomas Dulfer

Cinematic Construct Amsterdam: Amsterdam as Filming Location in International Postwar Film

Supervisors: Eef Masson & Patricia Pisters

Joe van der Eerden

The Politics of Depression. A critical analysis of the political-epistemological limits of major depressive disorder

Supervisors: Patricia Pisters, Julian Kiverstein

Argyrios Emmanouloudis

From the Vastness of the Web to Mainstream Production and Vice-Versa: Fan Idenities, User-Generated Content and Produser Communities

Supervisors | Carrol Clakson and Joyce Goggin

Rebecca Erickson

Middlebrow Musical Misogyny

Supervisors: Julia Kursell, Barbara Titus

Charles Esche

From Experimental Institutionalism to the Demodern Museum: Experimentation and Self-Reflection in Visual Art Institutions from 1989 to the present.

Supervisors | Mia Lerm-Hayes and Joost de Bloois

Femke Essink

Adaptation and the Heritage of the Sixties

Supervisor | Thomas Vaessens & Gaston Franssen

Harold García Rodríguez

La soberanía del vacío: Abe, Blanchot, Elizondo

Supervisor: Shelley Godsland

David Gauthier

"Errors": Exposing theTechno-Scientific Overcoding of Subjects

Supervisor | Robin Boast

Marloes Geboers

The Visual Language of News on Social Media

Supervisor: Richard Rogers

Nim Goede

Thinking the Brain through Art and Neuroscience

Supervisor: Patricia Pisters, Machiel Keestra

Hein Goeyens

Intermedial Staging of Video in Theatre

Supervisor | Kati Röttger 

Moosje Goosen

Missing Limbs

Supervisor | Esther Peeren & Patricia Pisters 

Avery Gosfield

Fare Musica Antica (Ebraica) reinventing a usable past

Supervisors | Julia Kursell, Irene Zwiep, Barbara Titus

Jan de Groot

Corporate Collections as Emerging Heritage: Art Market Dynamics, Corporate Strategies, and Public Support for the Arts

Supervisors | Arnold Witte, Nachoem Wijnberg

Esther Hammelburg

Liveness coming to life. The mediatised experience of cultural events

Supervisors: Thomas Poell, Jeroen de Kloet, José van Dijck

Lonneke van Heugten

Festival curation in the forcefield of international prestige and national heritage

Supervisor | Kati Rottger

Andrés Ibarra Cordero

Space and Time of Queer Masculinities in Contemporary Fiction​

Supervisors: Shelley Godsland & Murat Aydemir

Oluchi Joyce Igili

Towards Emplacing Authentic Political Theatre in Nigeria

Supervisor | Kati Rottger

Liao Hong Fai

Film and Deleuze

Supervisor | Jeroen de Kloet & Patricia Pisters 

Penn Ip

Affect and Urbanity: Single Migrant Women’s “Home” in Shanghai

Supervisor | Jeroen de Kloet

Julian Isenia

Non-heteronormative Cultural Practices of Sexual Citizenship in Curaçao and Bonaire under Conditions of (Post)Coloniality

Supervisors: Sruti Bala & Rivke Jaffe

Noriko Ishida

Sanskritic Metres in Old and Modern Javanese: A Study of Their Musical and Literary Features

Supervisors | Julia Kursell, Barbara Titus

Lin Jian

Governmentality in Cultural Industries of China

Supervisor | Jeroen de Kloet

Lykle de Jong

E-quality for #ThePeople: On the Populist Horizon in the Digital Age

Supervisors: Marc Tuters & Richard Rogers

Edit Kaldor

The Many and the Form: Methods for Participatory Practices in Contemporary Theatre

Supervisor: Kati Rottger

Simone Kalkman

Art in a Divided City: The Representation of the Rio de Janeiro Favela in Participatory Art Projects.

Supervisor | Christoph Lindner

Tom Kayzel 

How everything became economics: The rise of the CPB and economic thinking in Dutch political debates.

Supervisor: Huub Dijstelbloem, Frederica Russo

Becky Kazansky

Constructing threats and Modelling Security in a Data Risk Society

Supervisor | Stefania Milan & Marieke de Goede

Mary Finley Keller

Belief and the Will

Supervisors |  Franz Berto and Christian Skirke

Jakko Kemper

Dutch Design, Glitches, Misfits: Why Western Europeans Crave the Imperfect.

Supervisor: Ellen Rutten, Marie-Aude Baronian

Laura Kirby

An Exploration of Gendered Vulnerability in Spanish Literature

Supervisors: Shelley Godsland, John Garrido Ardila

Erik Kluitenberg

Media Swarms - Sef-Mediation, Affect, and Emergent Forms of Political Assciation in the "Movements of the Squares

Supervisor | Richard Rogers

Fani Konstantinidou

The Making of Composers

Supervisor | Viktoria Tkaczyck 

Melle Jan Kromhout

Noise Identities. Toward a Noise-Based Concept of Identity in Recorded Music

Supervisor | Sander van Maas

Halbe Kuipers

The Exhausted Self

Supervisors: Patricia Pisters and E. Manning

Pablo Muruzábal Lamberti

Apprentices of Listening - Listening as a dialogical virtue and skill in primary education

Supervisors: Josef fruchtl, Anders Schinkel, Chiel van der Veen

Dan Leberg

The Moving Parts: Screen Acting and Empathic Sollicitation

Supervisors: Patricia Pisters, Catherine Lord

Noortje de Leij

The Foundations of Criticism: The Case of October

Supervisors | Johan Hartle, Mia Lerm Hayes, Sven Lütticken

Patricia Llorens

Between Europe and North Africa: Contemporary Francophone Jewish writers rom the Maghreb

Supervisor | Ieme van der Poel

Flora Lysen

The Brain in Art and Science

Supervisor | Patricia Pisters, Rob Zwijnenberg

Tycho Maas

Exchanging Tales of War: Imagined Communities and Negotiation of Identities in ographical Writings of the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902)

Supervisors | Ena Jansen & Rone Foster (Stellenbosch University)

Geli Mademli

Towards an Alternative Database Management System: Structuring Film Archives as Social Networks

Supervisor | Robin Boast, Giovanna Fossati

Janice McNab

Making and Unmaking a Monster

Supervisor | Miriam van Rijsingen

Maral Mohsenin

Between Preservation and Exhibition: Debates on Digital Technology in European Film Archives

Supervisors: Giovanna Fossati & Benoit Turguety

Juan David Montoya Alzate

Caribbean Music Palimpsests: Embodied Action and Cultural Transmission

Supervisors | Julia Kursell, Barbara Titus

Stephanie Morin

Politics as Vehicle of Art: A Study of the Patronage Networks Linking the Italian Transavangardia Movement to the Italian Socialist Party

Supervisors: Mia Lerm-Hayes & Gregor Langfeld

Eva Mos

Alternatives to the Corporate Sharing Economy

Supervisor | Niels van Doorn

Nicolas Bernardo Muños Saldaña

Performing theory: Radical creative machines for post-capitalist politics in Chile's Multitude.

Supervisors:  Kati Röttger, Joost de Bloois

Divya Nadkarni

Sociopoetics and ‘forms’ of political engagement

Supervisors: Ellen Rutten & Arent van Nieukerken

Alexandra Nakelski

The Uprising of Auspicious Apocalypse in US and UK Popular Culture

Supervisors: Patricia Pisters & Jaap Kooijman & Maryn Wilkinson

Shahin Nasiri

Rethinking the Notion of Freedom from the Perspective of the Refugee

Supervisors: Robin Celikates & Yolande Jansen

Arjen Nauta

Governing through Reality TV in China: The case of Hunan TV

Supervisors: Jeroen de Kloet, José van Dijck

Gemma Newlands

Finding Human Dignity in the Digital Economy: Digital Reification, Mediation, and Algorithmic Management in the Platform-Mediated Work

Supervisors | Mark Deuze, Christian Fieseler (BI Norwegian Business School) 

Dan Oki

Infinite Regression in Autobiographic Cinema

Supervisors: Patricia Pisters, Laurent van Lancker

Marjolein Oomen

The Social Value of Public Libraries 

Supervisor | Frank Huysman

Jan Overwijk

Post-rationalization: Openness in Contemporary Social Organization

Supervisors | René Boomkens, Robin Celikates

Nur Ozgenalp

Cyborgization and Decyborgization

Supervisor | Patricia Pisters

João Luís Paixão

The language of the passions – Towards an understanding of passion communication and elicitation on the English stage 1753-1806

Supervisor: Kati Röttger

Rowan Parry

Independent Chinese Documentary

Supervisors: Jeroen de Kloet, Esther Peeren

Monique Peperkamp

Past Nature in Contemporary Art and New Materialisms. How Art and Philosophy Interact

Supervisors: Mia Lerm-Hayes & Mirjam van Rijsingen

Simeona Petkova

Natively Digital Datasets of Memory

Supervisor | Richard Rogers 

Julie Phillips

The Baby on the Fire Escape: Motherhood and Creativity

Supervisor: Carrol Clarkson 

Marjolein Platjee

Refusing the Macabre Dance

Supervisor | Carrol Clarkson, Tara MacDonald 

Stijn Postema

Journalism as Artistic Practice

Supervisors | Mark Deuze, Jan van der Stoep

Alexandre Poulin

Gift Economy in Contemporary "Artivism"

Supervisors | Joost de Bloois, Mireille Rosello

Fabienne Rachmadiev

Sublime Imperfections: Post-Soviet Trash Aestetics

Supervisors: Joost de Bloois, Ellen Rutten

Timon Ramaker

The Reflective Journalist

Supervisor | Mark Deuze

Anthony Resnik

The Heroic Figure in Early Black South African Poetry

Supervisor | Carrol Clarkson & Ena Jansen

Andrew James Roberts

Republicanism, Privacy and the Criminal Process

Supervisor | Beate Roessler

Nadine Roestenburg

Let's Get Physical? Post-Digital Discourse and Artistic Practices

Supervisors: Ellen Rutten & Katja Kwastek

Seth Nathaniel Rogoff

The Politics of thye Dreamscape

Supervisors: Esther Peeren & Thomas Vaessens

Daan Roovers

Public Opinion in the Age of the Digital Public Sphere. A public philosophical approach to the expression and forming of opinions

Supervisors: Yolande Jansen and Robin Celikates

Alix Rubsaam

Humanist Boundaries in Posthuman Practice: Technology as Nonhuman Other

Supervisors | Mireille Rosello, Murat Aydemir

Olga Krasa-Ryabets

Secret Theatre: off-the-grid performance practices in socialist Poland and Czechoslovakia

Supervisors | Ellen Rutten & Kati Röttger

Natalia Sanchez Querubin

Pain and Software: Programming, Sharing, Animating and Editing Pain in Digital Culture

Supervisor | Richard Rogers

Eva Sancho Rodriguez

Understanding New Political Attitudes of Romanticism and Cosmopolitanism

Supervisor | Josef Früchtl & Patricia Pisters & Robin Celikates

Elena Sarno

Playful Filmmaking: Ludic Practices in Cinema

Supervisors | Patricia Pisters, Toni Pape

Gerrit Schaafsma

Contestation in the Anthropocene: Globalised Disobedience and Climate Justice

Supervisors | Robin Celikates and Beate Roessler

Inez Blanca van der Scheer

Human at the Crossroads of Decolonization and Ecocriticism: a Caribbean Discourse

Supervisors | Yolande Jansen and Joost de Bloois

Elena Sarno

Playful Filmmaking: Ludic Practices in Cinema

Supervisors | Patricia Pisters, Toni Pape

Vincent Seminck

Friendship and enmity in Nietzsche and Schmitt

Supervisors | Jozef Fruchtl and Marc de Wilde

Nergiz Açiksoz Senem

Docile Clones

Supervisor | Josef Früchtl

Ira Solomatina

Impacts of globalisation upon women’s fashion in contemporary urban India, on the  example of Mumbai

Supervisors | Christine Delhaye, Rene Boomkens

Rik Spanjers

Imagining the Past

Supervisor | Thomas Vaessens

Robert Steltenpool

Age Group Identities and the Aging Body in 1920s Literary Culture

Supervisor | Rudolph Glitz

Lelia Tavakoli Farsooni

Imagining the Rural in Contemporary British Culture

Supervisors | Esther Peeren, Hanneke Stuit

Miguel Tavera

Murmuring Springs (El Murmurar de las Fuentes).

Supervisors | Shelley Godsland

Niels Ten Oever

Net of Rights

Supervisors | Stefania Milan & Richard Rogers

Guillén Torres

Everyday Acts of Institutional Resistance to Civic Empowerment: an Analysis of the Relations Between Data Activists, the State, and Public Sector Information & Open Data

Supervisors: Stefania Milan & Richard Rogers

Alexander Thinius

What Does it Mean to be of a Particular Gender? Critical Essentialism in Philosophy of Gender.

Supervisors: Beate Rössler & Robin Celikates

José Teunissen

Globalization and the new appearance of fashion

Supervisor | René Boomkens

Gonca Turgen

Homelessness at Home in Contemporary Cinema of Turkey after 2013

Supervisors | Esther Peeren, Maryn Wilkinson

Tjalling Valdés Olmos

Imagining the Rural in Contemporary American Culture

Supervisors | Esther Peeren, Jaap Kooijman

Alexander Venetis

Consciousness in the Modernist Novel: A Concept-Historical Approach

Supervisors: Carrol Clarkson, Rudolph Glitz

Laura Vermeeren

The Power of Social Calligraphy

Supervisors: Jeroen de Kloet, Stefan Lansberger

Stacey Vorster

South Africa's Constitutional Court Art Collection: Curating Post-apartheid

Supervisor: Carrol Clarkson

Nadia de Vries

Bodies in (E)Motion: The Physical Corpse in Virtual Space

Supervisors: Ellen Rutten & Esther Peeren

Shuaishuai Wang

Media Discourse of Gay Man in Their Everyday Practices in China

Supervisor | Jeroen de Kloet

Wang Zhuoqun

Objectification and the critique of social structure

Supervisor: Robin Celikates

Josh Weeks

Roberto Bolaño and the Neoliberal Labyrinth

Supervisors: Shelley Godsland, Hanneke Stuit

Hao Wong

Social Network Sites and Privacy.

Supervisors: Beate Roessler & Robin Celikates

Kersti Wissenbach

Governance from the grassroots: A critical community study of transnational civic tech activism

Supervisor | Stefania Milan & Richard Rogers

Thijs Witty

Essayism at the Dusk of Catastrophe: Limit Experience, Subjectivity, Form

Supervisor | Marie-Aude Baronian & Mireille Rosello

Ermelinda Xheza

The Representation of the Refugee Crisis on the British and Greek Media. Did the mainstream media raise discourses of ethical responsibility towards the refugees?

Supervisor: Sudeep Dasgupta, José van Dijck

Özgür Yalçın

Radical Disobedience: An Agonistic Praxis Against Anti-Pluralism

Supervisors: Robin Celikates, Yolande Jansen, Erdoğan Yıldırım

Nine Eglantine Yamamoto-Masson

Navigating the Zone: Cinematic Phantomachia and Uncanny Spaces of Radical Otherness in Narratives of Trauma in Post-War Auteur Cinema

Supervisor | Patricia Pisters

Fan Yang

Chinese women’s cinema in mainland China in the 21st century

Supervisor | Misha Kavka

Sara Zampieri

A Study on the Relationship between Photography and Knowledge

Supervisor | Franz Berto & Josef Früchtl

Parisa Zandbaf

From the ‘cut’ to the ‘Imaginary’: How the Cinema of Abbas Kiarostami Encourages the  Audience to Imagine

Supervisors: Josef Früchtl, Abe Geil

Daniel de Zeeuw

Anonyous in Public

Supervisor | Robin Celikates & José van Dijck

Wang Zhuoqun

Objectification and the critique of social structure

Supervisor | Robin Celikates