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PhD community

ASCA is home to more than 100 PhD candidates ( see list). Our PhD community is diverse in almost every respect. Some PhD candidates are directly funded by ASCA and the Faculty of Humanities, others by scholarships or loans from their home countries, and some combine their research with part-time jobs (within or beyond the university). Around half of our PhDs come from abroad. Together, these PhD candidates form an active and tight-knit intellectual community which is strongly committed to interdisciplinary research. ASCA’s PhD community is the backbone of our research school.

ASCA is organized in a non-hierarchical way. Every member—staff or PhD candidate—is invited to actively participate in and contribute to the program by initiating reading groups, lecture series, organizing conferences or workshops, and by making suggestions regarding the ASCA program and organization. You may always contact either the director, the vice-director or the managing director directly. In addition to these informal channels, bi-annual PhD meetings are organized for the entire PhD community (see below for the latest report).

ASCA’s director is Esther Peeren. ASCA’s vice-director, Jaap Kooijman, is in charge of all matters concerning PhD candidates. Eloe Kingma is the managing director and can help you with practical matters and negotiating the bureaucracy of the UvA. All three of us can be contacted with questions or problems: ;;

PhD Representatives

Presently, Nadica Denic is the PhD representative on the ASCA board. She is also, member of the Faculty PhD Council. The PhD Council meets monthly with the director of the AIHR, Irene Zwiep, and the head of the Research Support Department, Elske Gerritsen. 

ASCA PhD Meeting 22 January 2019

Present: Anke Bosma, Tjalling Valdés Olmos, Lélia Tavakoli Farsooni, Laura van den Berg, Tomas Dulfer, Jelke Bosma, Samaneh Asadi, Wouter Capitain, Tycho Maas, Pablo Lamberti, Gerrit Schaafsma, Aris Emmanouloudis, Niels ten Oever, Inez van der Scheer, Parisa Zandbaf, Anthi Argyriou, Jakko Kemper, Alex Thinius, Divya Nadkarni, Nadia de Vries, Patricia Pisters, Jaap Kooijman, Esther Peeren, Eloe Kingma

  1. ASCA Skills Courses
    Like last year ASCA will organize a session on academic skills: Academic Job Market, Publishing, and Conferencing. Nadia de Vries suggests that we also pay attention to academic ethics. Eloe mentions that the Graduate School of Humanities is offering a workshop on Scientific Integrity (on 7 February). She will attend it (as some of the other PhDs) and brief Esther and Jaap on the contents and how this can be relevant for ASCA researchers.
    Niels suggests that we pay attention to citation management and research data management. We will try to organize this as well.
  2. ASCA25
    On Thursday 26 September we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of ASCA. You are obviously invited to this celebration, but if you would like to help organizing it—especially with regard to the party—then please let us know.
  3. ASCA Defense preparation
    Last meeting there was a question about the costs of the dissertation defense. According to the Cormet Reception order for PhD fixed costs for the cloakroom are 125 EUR.  If you hold a reception in the Aula or the Agnietenkapel you pay 125 EUR fixed costs for the reception service costs. Wine, beer, coffee are reasonably priced and depend on how many people you invite. You can also decide to do the reception in a nearby café. It is stressed once more that it is certainly not an obligation to invite your supervisors or committee members to lunch or dinner. Costs for the celebrations of the defense will not be covered from your research fund.

    During mock-defenses candidates sometimes are encouraged to think before they answer the questions of the committee. We do not think that this is a good advice. The silence after the question is posed is often experienced as nerve-wracking. Better start answering right away with the formula ‘highly esteemed opponent..’ and think while you are listening. We will also bring this to the attention of the Pedel.
  4. Pure
    You are all encouraged to upload you publications (if you have any) in Pure, the UvA repository and to update your personal web page. The UvA website pops up high in Google, so this increases your visibility. Some people’s webpage have disappeared. Eloe will look into this.
  5. Other Stuff
  • This year’s ASCA workshop is organized by Divya Nadkarni, Nadia de Vries and Alex Thinius. If you have aspirations to organize the 2020 Workshop start forming a team, think of a topic and let us know!
  • Alex Thinius is stepping down as the ASCA representative on the PhD council and we are looking for a replacement. For more information on this job you may contact either Alex or Divya, who represents the self-funded PhDs on this council.