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Results: 1 - 20 of 247
Results: 1 - 20 of 247
  • “We are all in this together” – Connectivity and Community in Isolation
    7 Oct 2020
    ASCA Workshop 2021, 23-25 June 2021, (Wed to Fri) | Organizers: Jori Snels and Lok Yee Wong | Keynote speakers: Prof. dr. Lance Bennett, University of Washington; Dr. Alexandra Segerberg, Uppsala University; Prof. ...
  • A Time of Lost Gods Mediumship, Madness, and the Ghost after Mao
    1 Oct 2020
    New book by Emily Ng with California University Press 2020
  • Glass sphere
    Call for Proposals | Research Innovation and Sustainability Fund 2020
    10 Sep 2020
    The UvA Faculty of Humanities offers the Research Innovation and Sustainability (RIS) Fund that aims at supporting staff with research time in their career development and expanding their opportunities to conduct ...
  • Bernard Stiegler study group 
    9 Sep 2020
    The study group will offer participants the opportunity to familiarise themselves with Stiegler’s thought through close readings of a selection of his texts. We will ask ourselves how to ‘care’ for Stiegler’s ideas ...
  • Shut Up and Write that PhD!
    8 Sep 2020
    Esther Hammelburg and Aris Emmanouloudis started weekly Shut Up & Write sessions, and invite other PhD students to join. Every Tuesday morning from 9-12 we shut up and write together
  • Boris Noordenbos
    Conspiracy theories and the socialist past
    3 Sep 2020
    Many classic conspiracy theories concern the withholding of information from the public. In Central and Eastern Europe, however, suspicion is more commonly aimed at outside influences. Thanks to an ERC Starting Grant ...
  • Eight UvA researchers receive ERC Starting Grants
    3 Sep 2020
    The European Research Council (ERC) has this year awarded Starting Grants to eight UvA researchers. The laureates are: Thijs Bol, Janna Cousijn, Efstratios Gavves, Imke Harbers, Kristine Krause, Sanne Kruikemeier, ...
  • Comedy and Crisis: Pieter Langendijk, the Dutch, and the Speculative Bubbles Of 1720
    2 Sep 2020
    Joyce Goggin, Frans De Bruyn | Liverpool University Press, 30 sep. 2020 - 288 pagina's | Comedy and Crisis contains the first ever scholarly English translation of Pieter Langendijk's Quincampoix, or the Wind Traders ...
  • Nadica Denic receives a NWO PhD in the Humanities Fellowship
    24 Jul 2020
    The title of her project is: "Cinematic Ethics of Migration: Auto-Ethnographic Migrant Perspectives in Contemporary Documentary". Patricia Pisters and Carolyn Birdsall are the supervisors.
  • Four talented Humanities PhD candidates receive NWO funding
    24 Jul 2020
    Amir Taha (ARTES), Nadica Denić (ASCA), Evgeniia Khristoforova and Harriet Reynolds (both ACLC) have received funding for their doctoral research at the UvA through the NWO programme PhDs in the Humanities. ...
  • New PhD candidates for the Humanities research schools
    2 Jul 2020
    The research schools of the Faculty of Humanities (ACLC, AHM, ARTES, ASCA, ASH and the interfaculty institute ILLC) have been working on recruiting new PhD candidates – one for each school. Five out of six positions ...
  • ASCA Book Award for Eva Meijer
    29 Jun 2020
    The 2020 ASCA Award Committee, consisting of Julian Isenia, Patricia Pisters and meLê Yamomo, gave the ASCA Book Award to Eva Meijer for her book: "When Animals Speak:  Toward an Interspecies Democracy". New York: ...
  • ASCA Article Award for Shuaishuai Wang
    29 Jun 2020
    The 2020 ASCA Award Committee, consisting of Julian Isenia, Patricia Pisters and meLê Yamomo, gave the ASCA Article Award to Shuaishuai Wang for his article: "Live Streaming, Intimate Situations, and the Circulation ...
  • ASCA Dissertation Award for Natasha Basu
    29 Jun 2020
    The 2020 ASCA Award Committee, consisting of Julian Isenia, Patricia Pisters and meLê Yamomo, gave the ASCA Dissertation Award to Natasha Basu for her dissertation: "Is this Civil? Transnationalism, Migration and ...
  • Home and Belonging in the City in times of COVID-19
    22 Jun 2020
    Urban Geographer and CUS-member Fenne Pinkster has initiated a collaborative research project with OIS Amsterdam, the city’s Research, Information and Statistics department, to study how Amsterdammers have ...
  • Mari Mikkola appointed professor of Philosophy
    9 Jun 2020
    Dr Mari Mikkola has been appointed professor of Philosophy (Metaphysics) at the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Amsterdam (UvA).
  • Autos
    Call for applications | AIHR PhD Finishing Fellowships
    28 May 2020
    The Faculty of Humanities invites applications for PhD Finishing Fellowships, tenable from January 1, 2021. Deadline for applications: October 1, 2020.
  • Stephan Besser awarded fellowship at NIAS-KNAW
    26 May 2020
    Stephan Besser (senior lecturer Modern Dutch Literature, ASCA) has been selected for a stay at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NIAS-KNAW) in Amsterdam. The ...
  • Stefania Milan starts ‘COVID-19 from the margins’ blog
    12 May 2020
    Many social groups and geographical areas are virtually absent from the narration of the COVID-19 emergency. They are given a voice in a new blog co-organised and co-edited by Stefania Milan, Associate Professor of ...
  • Sheikh Zayed Book Award for Richard van Leeuwen
    27 Apr 2020
    The Sheikh Zayed Book Award, and its associated accolades, are presented annually to outstanding writers, intellectuals, and publishers, as well as young talent whose writing and translation in humanities objectively ...