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News and events

ASCA Nieuwsbrief

The ASCA Nieuwsbrief includes information on ASCA events, such as conferences, new members, courses and workshops. In addition to this, a selection of the many Calls for Papers reaching the ASCA office from other institutions is included. The newsletter comes out on the 1st of every month, except in January and August. Any comments or contributions are welcome.

Nieuwsbrief 221 (June 2019) Nieuwsbrief 220 (May 2019) Nieuwsbrief 219 (April 2019) Nieuwsbrief 218 (March 2019) Nieuwsbrief 217 (February 2019) Nieuwsbrief 216 (December 2019) Nieuwsbrief 215 (November 2018) Nieuwsbrief 214 (October 2018) Nieuwsbrief 213 (September 2018) Nieuwsbrief 212 (July 2018) Nieuwsbrief 211 (June 2018) Nieuwsbrief 210 (May 2018)