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Walking as Research Practice (WARP) 

ASCA Research Group/Seminar organized by Tânia Cardoso, Alice Twemlow, Fenna Smit.

We are pleased to announce the  programme for the Walking as Research Practice (WARP) Research Group, which will be devoted to the theme of walking practices in a range of disciplines and across discipline boundaries.

Whether we are engaged in site-specific or virtual wanderings, feminist flâneries or digital dérives, and whether we prioritize listening or looking,  day or night, urban or rural, pre-planning or play, being alone or walking with, through walking practices we can transform ourselves, what we make and the landscapes/environments we traverse. As a research method, walking can be used to perform and/or document in creative ways the act of walking, the path, the environment, or the events unfolding during this practice. 

We invite everyone interested in walking practices as research to join us for group discussions, close reading of texts, guest lectures and walking expeditions, in order to rethink the dynamics between critical walking methodologies and the disciplines with which they are involved.

Please check WARP for more information and the description of the Research Group. Please check WARP Conference for information on the upcoming conference

Timeline: Regular sessions will resume at the beginning of 2023

Prevous sessions:

The sessions were organised bimonthly, on Monday evenings from 5 to 9 pm. Please note that the sessions may not take the whole time. 

2021 - 2022:

Mon. 27 September 2021 – presentation, close reading and reading discussion session. Location: tbc, Time: 5-9pm (Amsterdam time).

Mon. 15 November 2021 – show and tell session and possible future research collaborations. Location: tbc, Time: 5-9pm (Amsterdam time).

Mon. tbc January 2022 – guest lecture from a prominent figure on walking studies as research (if not possible to have a guest, another show and tell session). Location: tbc, Time: 5-9pm (Amsterdam time).

Semester 2:

Mon. 25 April 2022 - Guest Lecture – Dr Christian Ernsten. Location: Belle van Zuylenzaal UB, Time: 5-7pm (Amsterdam time).

Mon. 16 May, 2022 - Guest Lecture – Sophie Krier. Location: tbc, Time: 5-7pm (Amsterdam time).

Mon. 13 June 2022 - Reimagining and redirecting practices of walking through collaboration. Location: tbc, Time: 5-7pm (Amsterdam time).

Coordinators: Prof. Dr Alice Twemlow, MSc Tânia A. Cardoso and MSc Fenna Smit.

If you would like to join the research group network please contact Tânia,

We look forward to seeing everyone !