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Stefania Milan receives funding from NWO Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Innoveren 2020 | Straddling computer science, sociology, law, and media studies, this project investigates standard-making in relation to democratic values and practices.

It asks how the public sphere is governed today through the standardization of the digital and how to support societal values in the creation of standards. Specifically, it looks at standard-making as a sociotechnical practice, analyzing technology development and implementation, the related governance arrangements and legal aspects. It investigates three cases of national relevance and global breadth: 1) the development of cybersecurity standards for the Internet of Things, 2) identity management standards (e.g., DigiID), and 3) the development and implementation of 5th generation (5G) cellular mobile communication. In so doing, the project contributes to illuminating the “wiring” of values (or lack thereof) into technical standards, the relation and the balance of power between a variety of public (e.g., states) and private actors (e.g., the industry, consumers), informal lawmaking and multistakeholder governance mechanisms. It will result in the co-design of mechanisms for technology and governance, and in standards which are “value- and rights-respecting by design”.

Prof. dr. S. (Stefania) Milan

Faculty of Humanities

Departement Mediastudies