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Jeroen Lutters & Fabiola Camuti


Prof. Dr. C.M. Lerm-Hayes, Professor and Chair Modern and Contemporary Art History, University of Amsterdam 

Prof. (lector) Dr. Jeroen Lutters, Lector Art education as Critical Tactics, ArtEZ University of the Arts and Visiting Researcher at ASCA, University of Amsterdam

Dr. John Johnston (ass. lector), Head Master of Arts Education and International Master Artist Educator, ArtEZ University of the Arts 

Dr. Fabiola Camuti, Senior Researcher ArtEZ University of the Arts and Visiting Researcher at ASCA, University of Amsterdam

(International) partners:

University of Amsterdam | ArtEZ University of the Arts 

Description research programme of the research group:

The crisis in education

AeCT proposes a radical re-thinking of the matrices of learning and education and takes creativity as a point of departure. It thereby challenges the historically formed concepts of schools and disciplines in a society in transition. It proposes to curate a new educational turn with art and art education as its core.

The role of the artist educator

The Artist Educators is a creative activist who uses her/his creative and artistic practice to enable social changes. Artist educators can be of major importance to create new (non) institutional structures that make strategic/tactical interventions possible to construct infrastructures, processes, practices that support the idea of educators as agents of change  for equitable societies.

Envisaged results:

4 interdisciplinary seminars each year; 1 collective edited Book (Valiz 2022); grant applications; artistic research projects; further collaboration with several academic and non-academic partners.

Workplan and time schedule:

The group will work together for the next four years (2020-2024). Alongside the envisaged results, the group participants will collaborate to prepare expert meetings, reading groups, conferences and other events connected to the research group mission. If you want to join the reading group, please contact

Societal relevance:

The AeCT research group seeks to work together with artists, scientist and activist to critically address the fundamental role of the arts, science and education in the current historical juncture.

Members of this group are active in the following constellations: