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Modern and Contemporary Art History




Modern and Contemporary Art History researchers are all engaged in one way or another in examining the (historical, philosophical, social and political) consequences of a wide variety of artistic and art-institutional practices through sets of questions revolving around the art practitioner, the art institution and the recipient, and of the art object itself. What does it mean to be an artist in Modernism and beyond? What constitutes artistic practice, particularly since the (end of the) avant-garde? What is the nature of the art object, especially after conceptual and performance art, social practices, and the advent of digital technologies? Who are the players in the institutionalisation and reception of works of art, what (institutional and ideological) factors inform their/our work and what social construction is performed, i.e. what can art history in the inter-related art / social / political field be today? How do art, artists and their mediators function in and contribute to society?

This research group is active in the following constellations: