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Results: 1 - 20 of 23
  • 4 Oct 2018
    New Horizons in Premodern Public Health

    13:00 - 16:00 | Workshop

    During this workshop, members of the research team, in dialogue with Kathleen Davis, discuss various aspects of the Premodern Healthscaping research project.

  • 18 May 2018
    Urban Valorization - Urban Cultures, Local Histories and Redevelopment Agendas

    09:30 - 18:00 | Workshop

    This workshop addresses processes of valorization in contemporary cities captured in terms such as ‘heritage’, ‘culture’ or ‘memory’. It seeks to question which aspects of urban spaces and cultures are deemed as ...

  • Start 6 Nov 2017
    End 10 Nov 2017
    Preservation of Media Art


    The LIMA workshop 'Preservation of Media Art' invites conservators and registrars working with media artworks in museums to gain an understanding of the different components involved in documenting and preserving ...

  • 2 Nov 2017
    FGw / CREATE
    CREATE Salon: Digital Humanities

    15:00 - 17:00 | Workshop

    In November's CREATE Salon we will explore exciting new directions in the field of Digital Humanities.

  • 20 Oct 2017
    Shame and Citizenship in Democracy

    09:30 - 19:00 | Workshop

    Shame and its counterpart pride play a central role in political life. This is true not only in the context of an obvious politics of shaming, practiced both by established politics and critical political movements, ...

  • 28 Sep 2017
    FGw / CREATE
    CREATE Salon

    15:00 - 16:30 | Workshop

    This month’s topic of the CREATE Salon is studying Performing Arts Across Borders. We’d like to exchange ideas and compare Music, Theatre and Cinema History. During the salon invited speakers (see below) will ...

  • 12 May 2017
    Turfdraagsterpad 9
    The Media Ecology Project

    15:00 - 17:00 | Workshop

    Mark J. Williams, Associate Professor of Film and Media Studies at Dartmouth University, will teach a hands-on workshop on using the Mediathread platform for doing research on digitized historical US propaganda film ...

  • Start 28 Mar 2017
    End 30 Mar 2017
    Unnecessary, Unwanted and Uncalled-for: A Workshop on Uselessness


    ASCA Workshop 2017, organized by Laura Vermeeren and Rowan Parry. Confirmed Keynotes: Jacqueline Kool, Kinneret Lahad, and Gillian Whiteley.

  • 16 Nov 2016
    Worlding the Brain: Predictive Processing as an Interdisciplinary Concept

    00:00 | Workshop

    ‘Worlding the Brain’ series: This workshop is a continuation of a series of events that started with the international interdisciplinary conference ‘Worlding the Brain: Patterns, Rhythms and Narratives in ...

  • Start 28 Apr 2016
    End 30 Apr 2016
    Modes of Exhaustion


    Research workshop organized by Halbe Kuipers and Toni Pape ~ It is fashionable to be busy. It is common to be burnt out. Exhaustion is not only a widely shared experience in contemporary societies, but also a ...

  • 21 Mar 2016
    Crisis around Ukraine
    Portraying the Ukrainian Crisis

    09:45 - 18:30 | Workshop

    On March 21, 2016, the University of Amsterdam will host a workshop on the Ukrainian crisis, where a group of experts from the Netherlands and abroad will discuss the role of media and memory in the current events.

  • 21 Jan 2016
    Evaluating evidence in medicine: whence and wither

    00:00 | Workshop

    Workshop organized by Federica Russo ~ Evidence evaluation is a core practice of the sciences. In medicine, specifically, the issue has been tackled by developing analytical and conceptual tools such as the ...

  • Start 25 Mar 2015
    End 27 Mar 2015
    Politics of Attachment


    Call for Papers - Deadline 10 September 2014 The ASCA 2015 International Workshop and Conference (25-27 March 2015) calls for a reflection on politics of attachment by engaging with the decolonial, the ecological and ...

  • Start 14 Nov 2014
    End 15 Nov 2014
    Technologies of Spectacle: Knowledge Transfer in Early Modern Theater Cultures


    Organized by Jan Lazardzig (UvA) and Hole Rössler (HAB Wolfenbüttel)

  • Start 30 Oct 2014
    End 31 Oct 2014
    Civil Disobedience Beyond the State


    From the Civil Rights Movement to Occupy, civil disobedience is an essential part of the history and present of liberal democracies. At the same time, however, this form of protest has remained theoretically and ...

  • Start 16 Oct 2014
    End 17 Oct 2014
    Workshop on Moral Responsibility


    This workshop, organized by Matthé Scholten and Dilek Yamali and the ASCA Philosophy and Public Affairs Research Group, aims to bring together academics working on moral responsibility. During the workshop ...

  • Start 4 Jun 2014
    End 5 Jun 2014
    The Debt Drive


    Since 2008, debt and speculation have emerged as key concepts for contemporary cultural and political theory. The global crisis has not only impacted the wider fields of politics and culture, but has equally shaken ...

  • Start 22 May 2014
    End 23 May 2014
    Gender and Neuroscience


    This workshop and masterclass will explore questions of sex / gender and sexuality in the brain. Despite growing counter-evidence, there is a general consensus, both in popular and scientific publications, that human ...

  • Start 14 May 2014
    End 15 May 2014
    Cross-Culturality in/as Music Theatre

    14:00 - 18:00 | Workshop

    (Practice-as-Research Workshop) organized by meLê yamomo (University of Amsterdam)

  • 14 May 2014
    Workshop: Tim Crane’s The Objects of Thought

    00:00 | Workshop

    Workshop and Lecture by Tim Crane in the series the Significance of Phenomenology, organized by Julian Kiverstein and Christian Skirke.