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Coordinators: Colin Sterling, Pırıltı Onukar (, Leyla Sünnenwold (
Artistic Research Research Group

The Artistic Research Research Group seeks to promote an  exchange of ideas between artists and scholars from a wide range of fields and disciplines. As an emerging trans-disciplinary field of inquiry,Artistic Research typically unfolds through  discursive forms of communication and dialogue in parallel with non-discursive, artistic practice(s). This enables researchers/makers coming from fine arts, design, dance, film, performance art, theatre and music to share and compare processes of production, methodologies and results with the academic community. Furthermore, The outcomes of Artistic Research strive to make different modes of knowledge production visible in  academic and societal contexts. A series of seminars are organized yearly to promote the exchange of ideas and experiences among artistic researchers and those interested in the field. During the seminars two or more artistic researchers will be invited to share their practice with the participants of the seminars. The participants include PhD Candidates, but also those who have already completed their PhDs and would like to keep discussing their research within a community of like-minded artists/scholars. Those interested in potentially pursuing academic study are also welcome to join, including Research Master students who wish to attain first-hand knowledge of the discipline.

You can find the sessions of the current academic year below. This year, Pırıltı Onukar and Leyla Sünnenwold will be assisting Colin Sterling with the organization of ARRG. To receive information about credits and register for ARRG’s mailing list do not hesitate to contact Pırıltı via the mail address on top of this page.

ARRG 2023-2024 Programme

The programme will take place in Vox-Pop (University of Amsterdam, Binnengasthuisstraat 9, Amsterdam), on Fridays from 13:00 to 16:00 unless otherwise stated.

13 October (Location: University Theatre)
Assel Kadyrkhanova
Lia Dostlieva

30/31 October
Special Workshop with DAAR (Decolonizing Architecture Art Research).
Further details to be announced via NICA. 

1 December
Aram Lee
Yazan Khalili 

9 February
Louis Braddock Clarke & Zuzanna Zgierska

5 April
Ola Hassanain 
Işıl Eğrikavuk

7 June
Ghita Skali & Salim Bayri